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10 Tips from a santera for life

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1. Don't lose faith.

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Never lose faith and perseverance. Get up with the certainty that everything will be fine, that we are never alone, that blessings come when they have to arrive, that your Orishas are the ones who decide and that you have that strength capable of breaking obstacles.

2. If it doesn't bring you peace, let it go.

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Thear what does not bring peace to your life and hinder you, let it go, do not tie yourself to anything, remember that we are necessary, but not essential. Babá Obatalá has taught me to be patient, to let go of everything that I cannot carry and it weighs on me. My Iya Oshún to smile in the most difficult moments, even if it is torn to pieces. Learn to let go and move on. 

3. Everything happens for a reason.

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When you think that life has turned its back on you, trust your Orishas blindly. A new day is offered to you to achieve what you want, do not waste that new opportunity and take advantage of it. Nobody told us it was easy The Orishas guide us, but we are the ones who must be able to allow ourselves to be guided and to do our best.

Keep in mind every day that everything happens for something, Although you are going through the worst moment, with time you will discover the meaning of events, also the bad, although it seems strange, brings good things. Confidence, encouragement and a lot of faith abure. 

4. Be patient, everything arrives.  

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Patience is a virtue that Babá Obatalá teaches us every day, it is like a muscle that you must exercise because it is not obtained from one day to the next, It is the art of having illusions and very few of us keep it. If we are patient, everything we propose we obtain.

Its fruit is very sweet and is always accompanied byañagives wisdom Let's learn to be patient in all our surroundings, but also with ourselves. Good things always take a while do like the waters of the rivers of Iyá Oshún that are patient, they are not in a hurry, they know that they will reach their destination one day. Learn to wait for things that are taking longer than you expected. 

5. Learn to forgive.

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We must not get carried away by anger and hatred, since it can bring negative consequences to our life. I know it can be difficult to ignore certain attitudes, but if you lose your temper you are affecting yourself, believe it or not.

By asking for forgiveness you show your greatness, Remember, it is one thing to forgive and another to forget, we are not crazy to erase what hurt us, but leave everything to your Orishas, ​​they know who offends you and why you cry, but they also know who you offend and who you make cry. Remember that everything you throw will come back to you. 

6. Help as much as you can.

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Learn to count with your fingers and not with everyoneBe selective to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we give from the heart everything we have and much more, but sometimes your help becomes an obligation and favors previously performed lose importance.

Remember to always provide help as long as it is within your reach, thinking of you and your possibilities. Be understanding of yourself sometimes giving a lot and receiving a little is also exhausting. 

7. Don't forget that you are special.

We are all born with a shine and an Ashé that makes us unique and special. Imitating the other develops feelings of envy, hatred and disloyalty. To shine does not mean to be physically beautiful, but be virtuous, honest, loyal, sacrificed, know how to forgive, honor and surpass ourselves.

Don't try to shine like others, shine and love yourself in everything you do. Love your life, your religion, love each one you bless. May this advice give you clarity in your actions, well-being and make them shine even more. 

8. Whenever it rains, it clears.

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Many of us are going through difficult times and sometimes we feel that the situation will be permanent, but we must remember the saying that goes:  "Whenever it rains, it clears" and it is true. I know it is easy to say and very difficult to achieve, but it is possible with a positive attitude.

You will achieve it with a lot of faith and hope in your Orishas and always thinking that all your sacrifices today will be rewarded mañana. Being strong we will overcome obstacles, but being weak we will suffer until it clears. Maferefun the Osha! He taught me to enjoy the rain and also the drought. 

9. Act smart.

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Long ago I used to get irritated by people who disturbed my peace of mind from day to day and worst of all, they did it camouflaged. Shango taught me to ignoreGetting irritated did not lead to anything and hurt me, in the end they laughed and I suffered.

When we get angry the tongue works faster than the mind, You say what you shouldn't and what you don't want happens. Act smart, remember that ignorance does more harm than anything else. You have to bathe with Shango okra! 

10. Everything happens in good time.

Sometimes everything seems impossible and suddenly it becomes possible. When Olofin, the Orishas and Eggun put you or take you away from a place be it good or bad, they know why they do it, don't deny, don't curse, At that moment, you may not even remotely find the reason, perhaps a long time passes and when you least expect it and it is appropriate, you will find the answer to that question that has been spinning in your head so many times. Have faith and trust.

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