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10 Things that Eleguá likes How do we please the Orisha?

What does Eleguá like

Eleggua, eternal guardian of the ways and destiny, and messenger between deities and humans.

The first god of the Yoruba pantheon and the one who decides whether the offerings reach their destination or not. Evil and good, the continuous complementation.

Represents in the Yoruba religion prosperity, happiness, luck or misfortune, they are in the hands of this mischievous Orisha.

What does Eleguá like? The orisha of the path that protects us from evil

Eleguá is bad

We present now, 10 qualities and tastes of Elegua, the little giant in Santeria.

1. First at the Osha always!

choose o elewa it is the first protection, since it opens the way to continue in religion. The uninitiated or aleyos must receive or consecrate it as first.

He is one of the first Oshas or Orishas received and the first of the group of four warriors (Eleguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osun).

2. Brilliant items and boy attributes

Elegua It sits on an otá (stone), shell, reef otá, loaded otá, loaded cobo snail, a dry coconut or loaded dough. It is placed in a flat pot.

His attributes include bells, guava cane, mouse trap, coins, children's toys, maraca painted with his colors, door keys, gold nuggets and silver coins.

3. Attention of his devotees

Your offering begins on Monday. Before noon, he washes himself and spends some time in the sun, ready to receive his food.

Three streams of ritual water are spilled on the ground before him, and prayers are prayed for prosperity and health:

"Omi tuto, Ana tuto, Tuto okan, Tuto laroye, Tuto elei "

Take 3 grains of pepper and blow brandy. A candle is lit and the saint is greeted:

"Echú elewa oga gbogbo namirin ita alagbana baba mi null na buruku nitosi le choncho kuelú kuikuo oki kosi ofo, kosi eyo, kosi ku, kosi ano ni orukó mi gbogbo omonile fú kuikuo odueve, baba mi elewa".

"I refresh you to open the way with the permission of my older parents, I play the maraca so that you open the door for me to achieve peace, prosperity, evolution, professional activity, money, love, stability, health, firmness , happiness, abundance, harmony, wisdom and good luck, for me and for all my family and friends. Also counting on my guardian angel, godfather and all the representatives of the Yoruba pantheon "

4. Offerings to entertain him

We must bear in mind that when introducing you to Elegua offerings should be numbered aloud to him.

It is rubbed with corojo butter and added with honey, roasted corn, jutía and smoked fish.

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5. Faith and affection of his devotees

Elegua he adores the attention of his devotees and there are many santeros who say that the size or quantity of offerings that are brought to the saint does not matter, but the faith and affection with which they are made.

6. Love sweets and the sweets

Many times this Orisha is representing as a child. For this reason, his devotees place a great variety of sweets, desserts and sweets, such as popcorn, candies, among others.

He also likes fruits such as guavas, coconut, and tropical fruits, usually coated with honey.

7. Rituals with pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the offerings that most like Elegua and it is said that the bigger the pumpkin the better, for he will recognize generosity.

Offering with pumpkin to Eleguá:

To offer pumpkin to Eleguá and ask for economic prosperity, one must:

  • Make a crescent-shaped cut and remove what is inside, leaving only 7 seeds.
  • Then 7 coins of the highest denomination and a little honey are placed to sweeten it.
  • 7 white candles are placed around the pumpkin, and one is lit daily.
  • Then you pray:

"Oh tireless warrior, open the path of prosperity in my life by bringing money to me."

The offerings of this Orisha go to the mountain or to the bush, where the little giant Eleguá lives.

8. His favorite fruit is guava

Green guava is the favorite fruit of Elegua and therefore numerous ceremonies and offerings in his honor include it.

It can be offered whole or in pieces and even in any type of sweet, he will always accept it willingly.

9. Take care of homes of all

Elegua likes to live in most cases behind the door, taking care of the Ilé or home of the person who owns it.

Do not forget, Eleguá will always protect the family of the house, if they have him at all times.

10. Devotion of their children

A Elegua You like your children to show you devotion and you appreciate the characteristics that make them alike.

Those who are clever and skillful, talkative and successful, gain the appreciation of the Orisha.

  • However the most important in your care, is to offer everything with faith, love and much humility, thus the good paths will open, with health, abundance, and much love.

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