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10 things the Orisha Oshún likes

What does Oshún like?

The first thing we should know is that Oshun It is a header Osha in the Yoruba religion and represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity.

This Orisha wears a yellow dress, has five gold bracelets, a crescent, with two oars and a star just like a sun.

These are some of its characteristics and qualities:

1. Provide protection and justice:

A Blessed oshún He likes to protect pregnant women and women in labor from all evil, so that the little ones in the womb are born healthy and blessed.

But the orisha also represents religious rigor and therefore likes the implacable punishment for falsehoods and crimes. He does not tolerate mean people, because he believes that you should always give everything you can.

2. Living among the Rivers:

The Yoruba goddess adores the rivers and fresh waters of the world, as it is their representation in nature and in favor of her femininity and sensuality, she likes to wear jewelry, body ornaments and loves wealth and luxury.

He also loves to walk at night and cross the river by boat. She loves to cast spells, especially those related to romance and seduction.

3. Protect the most vulnerable with your mantle:

It should be noted that the first main taste of Oshun and of all the Orishas is respect for the elderly, children, women and the sick, without exception. Oshún is merciful to those who ask her from the heart.

4. Give off its charm:

Also to Oshun she likes to generate attraction, and that is why many people have an image of her in their home, as they are inevitably attracted to the goddess. This indicates that she has noticed that person and his situation or personality and wants to help him.

5. To be the most spoiled, the smallest Orisha:

The goddess loves beauty and is very vain, she always carries a mirror to reflect on her magical beauty, a comb adorned with shells to comb her long hair full of flowers, she cools herself with her peacock feather fans, and the accompaniedaña his golden bell.

6. Dance and laugh:

Oshún's dance is sensual, in her yellow dress she wears golden bells that ring to the rhythm of her dance, the joy of her body gives off joy and charm, she likes to move her hands so that her bracelets sound like a magical melody.

Oshún's dance is pure femininity, when she does it she is not severe or sad, but laughter, sweetness and beauty flow from her body.

7. Receive gratitude:

Now great Oshún She likes that her devotees and faithful thank her every day and not only when she fulfills their wishes. He who appreciates being alive and having the joy of loving and being happy will have all his joy. She will reward you, with more happiness, more happiness, more luck and more health.

8. Loves the offerings (Addimu):

One of the best offerings to thank the goddess can be the lighting of an amber or yellow candle every month.añana and before doing the usual tasks.

With the lit candle we must thank him for ensuring our happiness, for alleviating our fears and filling us with joys.

Before going to bed we must light the candle again and thank the day that has passed.

9. Receive gifts:

As well Oshun She likes to be entertained with her favorite food, Ochinchin, which is a dish that is prepared based on some special ingredients, as well as gofio levers and honey, smelt with saffron, sweets of all kinds, pigeons, chayote, pumpkins and many others.

10. Celebrations and celebrations in his honor:

On September 8, the Copper Charity Day and the 12th, the oshún day, the Yoruba deity. Although many times both festivities are united.

She enjoys that day of loyalty and likes to fulfill wishes, the more specific the better. He adores prayers before his altar or before a representation of it, such as a picture, photo or sculpture.

And it is that the Patakies say that the goddess often cries with a broken heart, because she loves with all the fibers of her being, and she cannot find someone who can love her in the same way. Therefore, he appreciates and values ​​the loyalty of his children and devotees.

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