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10 things that the Orisha likes Oyá

Characteristics Oyá

Oyá is Lightning lady, of the whirlpool, of the rainbow and of the dead. Its winds are said to help sustain life after the waters of Oshun y Yemaya they have given life and purpose.

Oyá It is the air we breathe, it gives it the correct amount of oxygen to keep us alive.

We now present 10 characteristics, qualities and tastes of the Orisha Oyá:

1. The impetuousness and the wind

Oyá she is the goddess of the wind. She favors storms, strong or hurricane-force winds and lightning flashes. It symbolizes the violence of nature and impetuosity.

2. Death

She lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead. It communicates and keeps the spirits of the deceased or Eggun at bay.

It is to whom Olofi entrusts the mission of coming to earth to search for the souls of the dead.

3. Strong temperament

Oyá es the goddess of sparkle, considered a deity of strong temperament, to which reverential respect must be shown, because in his fury he is capable of unleashing lightning bolts and sparks.

4. Ocher offerings

A Oyá Ocher colored fruits are offered, mainly eggplant, sweet potato, Indian banana, face bean buns, white rice with aubergine, corojo butter, grapes, cocoa butter, toasted corn, coconut, etc.

Goats, chickens, guinea fowl, pigeons are also sacrificed to him.

Their Ewe (herbs) are flamboyán, caimitillo, fruit bomb, yucca, pomegranate, marigold, thousand flowers, geranium, purple coral, pacific sea, wild cucumber, verbena, cemetery flower, scares the dead, change voice, plantain, shameful, mugwort, cordovan, camphor, curujey , croto, custard apple, mongoose, etc.

Many of the offerings (Addimú) to Oyá they go in the cemetery, there where the Orisha habita Along with her sisters, the reckless warriors, Obba y Yewa.

5. Dance to clear the bad energies

In her dance, the goddess moves her Iruke (a stick of hair made from a horse's tail) to cleanse the bad influences from the air. His dance is very frantic and very fast.

Many times he carries a lighted torch in his right hand, and makes fierce circles as he turns to the left.

6. Colorful outfits

Oyá wears a wine-colored suit, accompaniedañaone of her nine multicolored skirts, which she uses not only on her dress, but also on her head.

7. Number nine

The santeros stand out, who when making offerings to Oyá, they must be placed in numbers in 9 units, because this is the number that is attributed to this Orisha.

For this reason, one of the offerings to the saint consists of placing 9 glasses of water obtained from various places, such as river water, sea, well, cemetery, spring, among others.

8. Sweet offerings

This deity has a predilection for sweets, especially dark chocolate pudding, made with the best quality cocoa.

9. War and fight

It is said that Oyá he accompanied Chango to all battles, fighting at his side with 2 swords and annihilating the enemies with his lightning bolt.

She is a warrior at heart, who loves to defend her own. She knows how to win, and she likes battle.

10. Faithful and sacrificed

Oyá She can be a woman, loving and gentle, but also firm and tenacious, who does not spare sacrifices and can perform men's tasks, with her sensual touch of femininity.

He loves creativity and is extremely true to his own convictions. It is she who is implored favor in marriage alliances.

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