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10 things the Orisha Obatalá likes

characteristics of obatala

Obatala he is the father of all children on earth, he is the creator of human beings and everything that habita in the planet.

Therefore, it governs all parts of the human body, mainly the head, thoughts and human life.

We present 10 characteristics, qualities and tastes of Obatalá.

1. The white of purity

Obatala is the owner of whiteness. It is governed by the color white as a symbol of peace and purity.

He is the owner of white metals, especially silver. And it is that this Orisha likes everything clean, white and pure.

2. The creation and origin of the Earth

It represents creation and the magnanimous and superior, but also pride, anger, despotism and people with physical and mental defects or difficulties.

In nature, old Obatalá lives in the mountains.añas and the high elevations of the earth, from there he cares for and protects his devotees.

3. He loves to show respect

He is characterized as a father full of patience and love. Among his many qualities, he is the one who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world.

However, he does not tolerate disrespect and does not admit to getting naked in his presence.

4. God of purity, white or silver objects

Obatala he lives in a tureen that can be made of silver, some silver metal or white slab. That is your receptacle.

Its attributes are a silver bracelet, igbín (snails), slugs, two ivory, mother-of-pearl or white onyx eggs, it also has white Iruke (horsetail), majá, sun, chain, full moon, half moon, a hand holding a scepter, a crook (poayé), metal doves and an agogó or silver bell.

Their elekes (necklaces) are totally white, in other cases interspersed with colors depending on the path.

5. Dance with gentle movements

Those who honor Obatala Through dance, they imitate the soft and bent movements, typical of a very old person, since this deity is represented as a loving counselor and father.

The god also dances as if he is brandishing his sword, speaks very softly and makes predictions. Likewise, clean up bad energies with the Iruke.

Offerings to the father of all children on earth

6. White offerings

A Babysitter, as his children affectionately call him, white doves, white chickens, white goats and white guinea fowl are sacrificed to him.

He is also offered rice pudding, meringue, silver dragees, soursop, pomegranate, birdseed, yams, cocoa butter, cascarilla, corn, white flowers, especially that of cotton.

Their ewes (herbs) They are acacia, chicory, bell, cotton, white piglet, mugwort, atiponlá, virgin vine, saffron, lily, white canutillo, coconut, African coquito, gallant by day, gallant by night, incense, mallow, sage, clover, etc.

7. The number 8

His number is 8, so he is represented in a white suit, tied with a red bandana at the waist and 8 handkerchiefs hang from it.

8. The sweets

El creator of human beings He is a lover of sweets, and adores some such as white custard, rice pudding and fruits such as sugar apple, pomegranate and coconut.

9. Cleanliness and hygiene

The santeros warn that obbatala must be treated properly bañado and clean. In addition, his secret cannot receive the sun, the serene, not even the air.

10. Devotion of his children in his day

obbatala, seen as a loving and attentive father, will help those who find themselves in difficult situations. The father of all is merciful, he cares for diseases and as the owner of everything white he is also protector of the health of his children on earth.

The special day to pay tribute and show devotion to him in Cuba is September 24, the day of the Virgin of the Mercedes who represents him in the Catholic religion.

During that day, his devotees should show him devotion and respect, saluting the deity saying Jekúa Babá!

Many go to the church to ask the virgin and then they hold parties in the name of the Orisha.

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Comments (2)

Hello…..I am from Venezuela and I received a hand from Orula a few years ago, we were ten people in the ceremony that lasted three days, my godfather is Cuban by birth.
It turns out that they sent me to collect some stones and things, that with them I would prepare my eschu. They numbered the echus with markers so they wouldn't get confused, however I got number one, and not five, which was the one that corresponded to me, I told the godfather and he told me that it was fine that it didn't matter... I was not satisfied, I took them and had them at home for a very short time; because I lost a son in Caracas (they killed him), and that didn't come out in the ceremony.
I continued attending them; but every day it got worse, they didn't walk with me, I got to a point where seeing them scared me, and it even made me cringe.
One day I grabbed all the warriors and put them in a bag and I voted them about three kilometers from my house, I don't know if it was good; but I felt relief and the roads improved a bit.
I recently had a very difficult situation! And I asked elegua and me, babà Obatalá, to open the paths for me and get me out of that difficult situation, and I did it!
Now I want advice on what I should do.
Thank you and sorry.


Good day and blessings to you.
Right now, from what I've read, you want to go back to religion.
Remember, it's not about you believing on a Monday, you don't believe on Tuesday and believe again on a Saturday.
At the time you thought it appropriate to throw away your Elegguá, something that was wrong because you must have believed in it.
We can never think that if things go wrong for me today, it is because of my Orisha, everything happens for a reason and we are all vulnerable to facing problems in short and long periods of our lives.
Now I recommend that you go to see yourself again, to see what situation you are in right now, and listen to what Orunmila advises you in case you go with a Babalawo or what Elegguá says with an Oriate.
I hope you resolve and if you have nowhere to go, just keep your faith and attend to Elegguá behind the door as if you had one and apologize.
But I do recommend going to consult as soon as you can, a hug.

send this message
Hello, I need to consult me. Can you send me the information and the price of the Spiritual Consultations guided by an Espiritista Santera? Thank you. Ashe 🙏