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10 things the Orisha Shango likes

What does Shango like?

Shango He is the Orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire in the Yoruba pantheon. In Santeria it syncretizes with Santa Barbara and it is characterized as historical and divine. Owner of drums, dance and music.

These are some of its tastes and qualities:

1. Warrior by nature  

Monkey He is described as a deity of explosive character and as a person with great physique, extremely strong. He is a warrior, intelligent and virile. Therefore, he loves that his devotees prove themselves strong and worthy of his blessings.

2. Savor spicy foods

Al God of Thunder likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods. As for fruits, he loves bananas, apples (specifically red) and his favorite dish which is cooked corn flour placed in various presentations.

3. Wine red

Shangó likes his food to be accompaniedañatwo with red wine, because that is the favorite drink of the warriors.

4. Altars

His tastes also include altars, especially those that contain a receptacle, that is, a figure that alludes to God and in which its similarity to fire or thunder can be appreciated.

5. Show off your warrior attributes

As a deity of purest masculinity, some añagive the altars the attributes that reflect the daring and rebelliousness of the greatest warrior of the Osha. An offering that the deity appreciates.

The two-headed ax with which he gets rid of everything in his path, his sword that accompanied himaña in its greatest beamañas and his powerful maraca.

6. Offerings to worship him

On the other hand, the offerings that are liked Shango they can be very varied. We must bear in mind that the ebbos, as it is known within the Yoruba cult to the sacrifices of animals such as doves, roosters, are very important within the ceremonies of this deity.

7. Garments in his honor

Shango walks with his loose shirt and crown, among the Orishas, ​​the color red is his, so to please the saint, the ceremony can be complemented with a set of clothes made up of red flannels, and necklaces dedicated to Shango with white and red beads.

8. The music and the violent dance

We must not forget that Shango is also a God of music and drums so he loves that dance is part of his religious ceremonies.

In her dance she turns and jumps, performs exaggerated gestures and her face is very expressive. He eats fire and violently dances with the passion that characterizes him.

The devotee must perform the warrior's dance, in which he simulates the conquest of a woman to the sound of the drums.

9. Pay tribute on your day

On December 4, the Day of Shango, due to its syncretism with Santa Barbara, in the Catholic religion. His devotees invoke the great Kabiosile saying: Kaó Kabiesilé, Shango Alufina!

Children of the deity and his followers know the importance of paying tribute on that date, to please the saint and make him feel recognized.

That day they dance with movements characteristic of the Afro-Cuban deity, brandishing the ax and clutching the testicles, in a violent dance that represents eroticism and battle.

10. Promises fulfilled

Like all Orishas, ​​Shango offers blessings and is protective of his devotees, but he is also a vigilante and makes pay for what was wrongly done.

The offerings made to this deity must be fulfilled no matter how small they may be. "The best promises are those that are kept" no matter how little you offer.

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