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10 interesting facts about the Santeria Test

what is santeria

Santeria or Rule of Osha It is an ancestral fusion that was born from the mixture of different cultures, although it is true that it was the product of slavery and the submission of other cultures to Africans, we cannot help but accept that everything we are today is the product of various influences from through the passage of humanity.

Therefore, it is part of our roots, of what we are today, of our ancestors and the blood that runs through our veins.

What is Santeria?

The Afro-Cuban religion, also called Santeria or the Rule of Osha-Ifá, arises in Cuba as a result of slavery. The conquest of the Spanish brought with it that other cultures were oppressed.

People brought from Africa who were enslaved did not uproot themselves from their faith, on the contrary, they clung to their creeds and religions with all their might.

Thanks to their bravery, cunning and rebellion to this day their customs live among us.

We Cubans have Congolese and carabalí blood, our African ancestors live in our mixture.

To them we owe respect for the religion and customs that they inherited from us.

Although the world of religion contains an infinite world of wisdom, through this knowledge test you will learn:

10 very interesting things about Santeria.

Play and learn, do not forget to share the result, join the community that spreads the knowledge about our religion.

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