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10 very common Yoruba words in Cuba Test

Yoruba words

In the day-to-day life of the Cuban reality, words are intertwined in various stages of histories and roots, as we say in Cuba:

Here, he who does not have a Congo has a carabalí.
Cuban popular phrase

It is a reality that African blood runs through our veins and we cannot stop remembering it in our daily speech. We are our ancestors, the roots of a great tree with stories of mixtures of ancestors, wonderful cultures that have left us a great legacy.

In this knowledge test you will be able to know 10 of the Yoruba words most used today in Cuban religiosity.

This is a very short selection, the reality is that many words have survived history and the passage of time, to remain among the Cuban culture.

Play, and learn much more about our religion.

Yoruba words and their meaning:

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