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10 Eating Rules for the Iyawó

iyawó rules

As we saw in previous post the Iyawó is the newcomer in the Osha or Santeria rule, as it is popularly known "person who becomes a saint."  

As in other situations (behavior, dress, social norms), the Iyawó must comply with certain rules, including new habits and prohibitions in their eating.  

Feeding our body is a sacred act, which we constantly violate because we do not respect its times and we do it automatically without even realizing the food we eat.

Feeding in the Iyaworaje:

The Iyaworaje (stage where the newly consecrated santero must comply with the rules) is a period of reflection, introspection and gratitude, therefore the initiates feel healed and renewed, as they achieve a greater connection with the energies of the Orishas.

At the time of feeding it is important that first of all the plate of food that our Orishas provide us is appreciated. For the Iyawó the mat will be an essential element in this period, eating on the mat connects you with the earth, with your essence.

The Iyawó must respect his body as a temple, the Orishas advise him what to eat and what to eliminate to protect him from various afflictions and diseases.

If we realize it, respect for our Orishas and their word avoids us and warns us of so many situations that, if we understand it, accept it and act accordingly, we can reach our destiny and our mission in this world humbly hand in hand with the deities that protect us.

These rules must be followed with great respect, the path to religion must be accepted with responsibility and commitment.

Rules to be followed by the Iyawó during the Iyaworaje:

  1. You cannot drink alcohol or any type of toxic drink. Nor should you consume narcotics, drugs or products of this type.
  1. You should not eat forbidden foods in your Itá (advice book of the past, present and future when the person becomes a saint).
  1. Throughout the year he must eat with the spoon, plate and jug that were consecrated in the saint's room. You will not be able to use a knife or fork to eat.
  1. The leftovers of the Iyawó food are dedicated to Eshu (Orisha).

 They should be collected on a piece of paper and put on the side of the street that faces the door of the house. This shall be done by the Iyawó.

  1. In case you are in another Ilé Osha (Santo's house), you must do it sitting on a mat as the rule establishes.
  1. The Iyawó must keep the spoon, the plate and the jug of consecration. These elements are sacred for the initiate, they carry Ashe and if the person has any disease, they must use these utensils to obtain health and achieve recovery.
  1. You can not eat in the street, or standing, you must do it correctly on your mat. Thus the initiate will protect himself since he has greater vulnerability to pick up bad energies.
  1. During the first 3 months the Iyawó must eat on the mat (an essential instrument because it establishes the energetic and spiritual communication of our body with the earth).
  1. In case you eat food away from home, you should always bring your plate, jug and spoon.
  1. If the Iyawó sits at a table to eat, he should do so with his feet out of it, that is, on his side, this will be the correct way.

Other habits and rules for the Iyawó:

Although the table is delivered to the Iyawó at 3 months, some houses recommend maintaining the rule of eating on the mat throughout the first year, thus establishing greater spirituality and protection.

Let us remember that many customs or habits depend on the teachings of the godmother and the godfather to the Iyawó, for example, some of them:

  • At the end of eating the plate should be touched with the tips of the fingers and then the fingertips should be kissed to thank for the food.
  • In the event that the Iyawó lives with someone, it is preferable that this person can lift the dishes where the Iyawó ate, before it stands up from the mat.
  • Dishes should not be removed from the table where the Iyawó eats, stacking them on top of each other, but individually.

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