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10 Osha Rules for Iyawó

osha rules for iyawó

In the Rule of OSHA the Iyaworaje period is that time when the Iyawo It must remain in meditation, in a reduced space, with certain rules to follow, which can be seen as extreme or as a sacrifice for people who perceive it outside of religion, but which is a stage of purification.

It is a space of self-knowledge, introspection and awareness, time to analyze our life, seek our destiny and the mission that we all have in this world.

The consecration of the Iyawó lasts seven days and must remain in rest in the saint's room (Igbodun), on the throne of his tutelary Orisha and assisted by his elders.

Their protection and vulnerability to bad energies depends on the way in which the newly initiated behaves, since they are like a defenseless child and are more sensitive to picking up bad spirits and osogbos (negative situations). 

This new way of life is governed by religious rules and norms that the initiate in religion (Iyawó) must respectfully follow when he decides to start this path, accepting the responsibility of a new conception of life together with the Orishas and the great God. Supreme Olodumare.

Rules of conduct for the Iyawó:

Some of the rules and prohibitions that must be followed are:

  1. You should not look in the mirror.
  2. You should avoid the use of chemicals and cosmetics, therefore, you will not use perfume or makeup, nor will you paint your nails, nor will you be able to paint your hair.
  3. You must not give or receive from the hands of anyone what they offer or are going to give you, nor shake hands, or give kisses or hugs.
  4. It cannot be wet with rainwater, it should not catch serene or strong midday sun.
  5. During the first 3 months you cannot discover your head before anyone, only before your elders or when they are begging your head.
  6. They cannot sleep naked or bare-chested, nor should they sleep in total darkness.
  7. To sleep, he must remove his religious attributes, necklaces and his handcuffs, except that of Orula and Obbatalá.
  8. Your lingerie, bedding and towels should be white, they should be clean just like the rest of your clothes. The Iyawó must maintain hygiene in all his utensils and be extremely neat.
  9. You should never visit jails, hospitals, cemeteries or any such place. In the event that the profession of the initiate warrants it, he must request authorization from the Orisha and his elders.
  10. He does not consult the oracles during the Iyaworaje year, unless it is absolutely necessary with the authorization of his elders and tutelary Orisha.

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