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10 Situations that an Iyawó should avoid

Iyawó rules

The Iyawó is the newly initiated in the Rule of Osha or Santeria, he is a believer who has just been born and who for a year and 7 days (Iyaworaje period) must comply with certain rules, prohibitions and religious norms.

In this process, popularly known in Cuba as "becoming a saint", the initiate must accept with responsibility and commitment the rules established by the Yoruba religion.  

It is important to remember that the Iyawó is like a newborn. How many things "shouldn't" be done by a small child?

This is a very vulnerable period for the initiate and therefore he must take good care of himself, it is a time to meditate, be calm and learn to connect with the Orishas.

In addition, it is a very important stage for spiritual growth and the strengthening of the person's religiosity.

I accompanied him on the pathañaThey will be their elders, who will be their guides and educators, and will transmit the ancestral knowledge of our religion.

In general, the initiate should not visit places or carry out activities that represent some kind of danger.

10 Rules that an Iyawó must respect:

  1. The Iyawó must not go over holes, nor enter tunnels, caves, garbage dumps, mountains or places of this nature where there may be some type of danger, it must be very careful.
  1. should not bañaDive in the sea, beach, river, swimming pools, lagoons or places where you may suffer accidents.
  1. You must take care of your health and avoid smoking during this purification period. If you do, you cannot ask anyone for a fire to light your cigar and you cannot share cigars with another person.
  1. You must be careful when transporting, you should never hang from a vehicle putting your life at risk. You should avoid riding motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles and if you have to drive you will do so with great caution. In a car he can look in the mirror as long as he does not reflect himself.
  1. You should use a white umbrella to protect yourself and avoid sunbathing directly. Walk preferably in the shade and avoid being in the street at 12 noon. In an emergency (without an umbrella) outside the house, it should be covered with a white cloth or you protect your head with both hands and try to get indoors.
  1. You should not sit in parks, or visit bar bars, market squares, prisons, ruins, cemeteries, funeral homes, funerals, hospitals, avoiding seeing seriously ill people. If the situation demands it, you must take the appropriate precautions and the authorization of your elders.
  1. It is better to avoid all kinds of social and public activities, mainly at night. It should not be in dark places, such as cinemas, bars, or houses without lighting.
  1. You should avoid having sex until the first 16 days after your consecration has passed. In couple relationships you can not be unfaithful or promiscuous.
  1. In the house you should not sleep in the dark, you should keep a dim light in the habitation that sleeps or at least some light on nearby.
  1. You cannot give parties or social events in the place where you have your Orishas.  

Those activities, circumstances or visits to places that due to the person's profession or employment are always excepted, always with the permission of their elders.

The rules in our religion are already established, there are flexibilities as long as it is consulted and the Orisha grants permission.

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