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October 15: Saint Teresa of Jesus Day in syncretism with Oyá

October 15 Saint Teresa of Jesus

Saint Teresa of Ávila or of Jesus She is the patroness of some bodily illnesses such as headaches, she protects passersby, and intercedes before the pain suffered in the loss of loved ones.

Always take care of those who are in anguish, especially those who suffer from not being able to express their faith and provide the love necessary for religious to draw closer to God.  

  • Your celebration It is October 15, especially in Spain.aña, although his devotion has spread throughout Latin America and also in Cuba, where he joins the Santeria cult.

10 Curiosities of the Life and Work of Santa Teresa

  1. The meaning of Teresa's name is "Reap the harvest, harvest, harvest", which represents life and the cycle of the new, what is born.
  2. She was a woman who was at a very advanced intellectual level for the time in which she lived.
  3. He not only promoted the Carmelite order, but also supported and fostered faith in numerous convents, and renewed the thinking of the church.
  4. She was a great writer, her lyrics reflected the feeling and love for her neighbor that she felt in her heart, the desire to help and to promote good actions in favor of others.
  5. She innately possessed a missionary soul, her spiritual life was manifested in her works and through writing she guided and directed the thinking of other people.
  6. He enjoyed solitude and accompaniedañaIt was about the love that God offered her and the values ​​in which she trusted.
  7. She lived a life of humility, resignation to God, poverty and austerity, and with all the money she managed to raise, the first community of the Discalced Carmelites of San José was created.
  8. He founded 17 convents throughout Spain.aña, his work was so incredible and advanced in his time, that his behavior has left important traces in time and religious history.
  9. In Santería or Regla de Osha, the cult of Santa Teresa joins that of the Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon OyáThis syncretism has caused the holy orisha to be venerated with equal devotion.
  10. In Afro-Cuban culture on October 15 these deities are venerated with love and humility, always asking for their blessing and thanking all that they offer us.

A short prayer to Saint Teresa to ask for strength:

Saint Teresa, virgin wife, especially beloved of the Crucified, and doctor of

e the Church, reach out to me that, in your imitation, I prefer to fulfill the will and win friendship the High Good, before all the joys of the earth.

Give me strength to follow your example of publicly serving Christ with the perfection He asks for, despite all the contradictions.

And that with your help I can overcome the difficulties of this life and deserve the endless rest of heaven. Amen.

A very short and beautiful prayer for Oyá:

OyáPowerful woman, I call on you to ask for our protection.

Warrior woman, strong and admirable, protect my home and do not let us fall.

Orisha of the spark give me your support and do not abandon me.

dearest OyáMake your power be on my side and always protect me.

Lady of the winds, you are full of grace, I beg you to give me a few favors (ask for them). so powerful Oyá. Thanks

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