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15 Ifá phrases you need to know Knowledge test

Ifá phrases

We must learn and nurture our life of wisdom and knowledge through the word of Ifá, the great mystery that its phrases contain, they provide us with balance and harmony.

Each of these sayings help us understand the path of life, interpret it and apply it to each of the decisions we make.

The teachings that we can acquire through the Yoruba religion are unique and transcendental.

We can in each of these proverbs, understand the great meaning it has and the message it carries to be heard and understood, a gift full of protection and guidance.

I hope that we can all understand his word as a wonderful advice that has come into our lives to fill us with reflection and light.

Ifá says:

  1. The function of the human being is to be grateful.
  2. There is no dam to stop the river when it was time to leave its channel.
  3. One throws the stone and a people takes the blame.
  4. Stretch your hand as far as it will go.
  5. The avarice breaks the bag.
  6. He who pays what he owes, satisfaction remains.
  7. If you want peace, don't pretend to take what is not yours.
  8. When death blows, the wind flies like a leaf.
  9. As much as the dead man had, a box was enough for him.
  10. He who was born for an ox is not bothered by jars.
  11. He who kills iron with iron dies.
  12. The vices destroy the personality, the virtues magnify it.
  13. For looking bad with a saint, his paths are closed.
  14. The dead man is walking around looking for someone to catch.
  15. The one who plays with candle sooner or later gets burned.

More sayings ...Do you know these Ifá sayings?

Play and learn challenging knowledge, don't forget to share the results with everyone, help us spread this space about our religion.

Complete these 15 Ifá phrases:

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