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2 Pataki with beautiful teachings to ponder

Pataki teachings

La yoruba religion uses short stories called patakíes, to represent different situations, or legends from ancient times. They are oral narratives and religious stories that are also presented as short fables.

The pataki contain beautiful teachings that help devotees to follow their spiritual path and acquire wisdom. They also provide advice on how to lead life with positive attitudes.

We now show 2 patakíes that contain teachings to be a better person.

Respect for the experience of the elderly

This Patakí tells that several young people worked in the construction of ilé or homes, but they did not earn what they believed they deserved, because according to them they insisted, they did the strongest jobs.

In addition, they should always follow the instructions of the elders, which, according to them, were very complicated.

For these reasons, the young people decided to separate and work on their own, ignoring the advice of the elders.

So they began to build many houses very quickly and the people were happy with their work. But one day, it rained heavily and the houses they had built totally collapsed.

ConstitutionUpon learning what had happened, he came down to Earth and called the old and the young and instructed each group to build a house.

Thus, for a whole day the young made their home and the old theirs. Olofin inspected the built houses and found them the same.

Extrañado, he decided to bring the two groups together to ask them what was the difference between the houses, since only one of them was collapsing.

  • “If the houses that young people build are the same as those that you build, why do they collapse when it rains?” Asked the great God.

To which the old men replied that the young people put the tiles upside down instead of putting one face down and the other face up.

With this answer, Olofin understood the meaning of the experience of the accumulated years and authorized that they were the ones who would lead the young people until they were really able to build their own houses.

As we say in our religion, "Ear does not go over the head" for this reason we owe respect to our elders.

The parrot and the envy of the birds

One fine day Olofin called a meeting of all the birds on Earth, to find out which of them would be the most important and would have the most merit.

All the birds flocked to the palace. But they quickly began to show great envy for the Parrot, who at that time was totally white.

So the birds made a plan so that Olofin did not choose the Parrot as the best bird and, taking advantage of an oversight, they threw ink at him and scattered ashes on his plumage.

Not happy with that, they threw epó (Corojo butter) at him. Almost at the same time Olofin entered, observed the birds from his throne and pointed to one of them.

The selected bird was brought before the great Olofin who inspected it carefully.

"I really liked your plumage," he told the Parrot and affirmed that, from that moment, all the important people of his kingdom would wear the color of their feathers as a sign of wisdom and distinction.

Thus all those who, out of envy, wanted to harm him were mocked. And this is how Ifá establishes that envy is one of the worst emotions that a good devotee can feel.

Two legends that leave us a sacred message to reflect on, respect for the elderly to achieve our destiny, while envy harms us, hurts us and is a feeling that we must keep away from our hearts.

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