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Do you know what the Yoruba Religion advises according to the Letter of the Year 2021?

2021 Letter of the Year

Is called letter of the year to the set of signs that is taken by a representation of the Ifá priests based on the island, which is governed by a main letter that is accompaniedañagives by two witnesses.

This aims to provide advice for Cuba and the world in order to guide religious about what works and measures they should take so that the brightness of the new year is not overshadowed by adversity and osogbos.

Who is ruling this year 2021?

2021 Letter of the year Olokun and Oshún

This year they will rule for twelve months Olokun y Oshun, two deities with a lot of foundation in the Rule of Santeria, so the ceremonial colors of this 2021 will be dark blue and yellow, the same shades with which the flag of the year will be made.

The main sign for 2021 is Ika Fun, this will be accompanied byañado by the odunes Odi leke and Irete Ogbe.

For this new year Orumila firmly gave us the prediction of a good of health on earth granted under his own mantle, well that we hope it will come to appease the epidemic by Covid 19 that emerged in 2020, a phenomenon that caused innumerable losses for humanity, considering that this evil still continues to plague the world.

Tips for this 2021 according to the Letter of the year:

According to the letter of the year it is recommended:

1. Make offerings to Orunmila and Obatalá

For being two Orishas that will play an important role during the next twelve months as they are deities that will come to earth to fulfill a secret mission, which was assigned to them at the hands of Olodumare himself.

2. Home purification cleaning is encouraged.

Cleansing with eight herbs belonging to Obatala the holy owner of all heads, in order to refresh the house and attract good luck in this new year that has just begun.

3. All religious must take care of the contagion of infectious diseases

Especially those related to the gastrointestinal and nervous systems, for which it is indicated to work on the negative influence of stress on the human body and it is prohibited to eat foods ofañalate and late.

It is predicted for this 2021:

  • Disrespect for the norms of social behavior,
  • unexpected arrival of atmospheric phenomena and
  • breach of covenants, for which it is believed that numerous ties of moral and religious brotherhood will be dissolved.

The Osha warns of the emergence of religious desecration due to bad practices in the performance of ceremonies and consecrations, so greater care must be taken in this area. 

Ifá recommends promoting the bonds of brotherhood and respect in order to have a more bearable year where the man can achieve better benefits compared to the previous year, for this he must be a good human being, religious, son, brother, husband, father and friend.

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