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Let us pray to Saint John the Baptist this June 24. On his day we give thanks!

June 24 Saint John the Baptist

San Juan Bautista He is one of the most recognized saints in the Bible. We pray to him to protect us from evils and temptations.

To the one known as the Prince of the Christian Holy Spirit, we celebrate this June 24 and ask him through prayers and prayers, to guide us with his light along the paths of love, faith and well-being.

Saint John the Baptist is considered a prophet by three religions:

  • Christianity,
  • Islam and
  • the Bahá'í Faith, son of Zacharias, a Jewish priest who was married to Saint Elizabeth.

Who was John the Baptist and what was his mission?

It is said that since childhood he had a wide vocation as a speaker and thus he preached religious faith, helping the settlers to believe and to be baptized.

In addition, with his immense moral values ​​and his wit, he preached love of neighbor among the communities, sowing the idea of ​​mutual help and support.

The life of Saint John the Baptist ended when Herod sent people to the Jordan to seize him.

He was beheaded some time later, despite the fact that thousands of his disciples came out to relate his miracles.

Every June 24, the Church celebrates not the death, but the birth of Saint John the Baptist, with numerous displays of faith in all the temples that, throughout the world, are dedicated to the prophet.

Currently, he is remembered on the Night of San Juan and the Summer Solstice is dedicated to him to remember the strength of the light of the Catholic religion and the good deeds of Saint John the Baptist.

Saint John the Baptist is the Patron:

  • Of baptism,
  • of the birders,
  • cutlers,
  • lambs,
  • printers,
  • tailors,
  • religious organizations such as the Knights of Malta and the Knights Hospitallers and
  • from such important regions of the world as Quebec and Genoa.

Celebrate the prophet in his day, what is asked of the saint?

It is said that he should be prayed for when suffering from diseases such as epilepsy, seizures and spasms.

We can pray to him in our home or in one of the Churches and temples dedicated to him, seeking support and protection against evils and asking for his guidance and light in the face of the challenges along the way.

Saint John the Baptist can help us with requests in different problems associated with love, health, prosperity and protection, since he is the prophet who intercedes for us and helps us avoid danger and problems.

  • For this reason, every June 24 we entrust ourselves to Saint John the Baptist and we pray to him in front of his image with a white candle and flowers to entertain him.

Miraculous prayer to Saint John the Baptist for protection and gratitude

O Saint John the Baptist, you who were in charge of the most glorious ministries, who prepared them with the most sublime virtues and who filled them with all the holiness they imposed on you, accept on this day the tribute of my tender trust:

Take all my vows at the feet of Him who has chosen you to announce to men the coming and mercy of their Deliverer; I implore him, for the rights that you have over his Heart, to communicate to my people the love and the practice of everything that has made your heart so pleasant in his eyes.

Obtain for me a purity that will keep me on my guard against all contagion in this world and against any bait capable of seducing me there.

Obtain for me this spirit of penance that accustoms me to dying to myself and helps me make Jesus Christ live in me.

I beg you, orGive me a humility based on the knowledge of what I have been, what I am and what I will be, and that helps me to heal myself from all complacency of a self-esteem that I cannot fear enough.

Finally, obtain for me this zeal that you burned for the Glory of your Divine Master; but that always in me, as I see it in you, I dispose of its success by my personal sanctification before applying it to others.

Holy Forerunner, you have heard, you have recognized the voice of the Bridegroom before you can see it; As you approached Him, you trembled with joy in Elizabeth's womb:

From that moment your slavery until the first sin stopped; You were sanctified!

May, through your intercession, the presence of this Divine Savior make the same grace work in my soul today, spread there the holy dispositions that should lead me to His Banquet, perfect them with new gifts, make them enduring with the taste and exercise of virtues. that made you so great in His Eyes.

Objects worthy of your protection! Great Saint, I dare to remind you with the utmost confidence. Amen!

Saint John the Baptist and Osun, watchful Orisha in Santeria

osun babalawos
Representation of Osun in Santeria

Due to the syncretization process that predominates in the religious sphere in Cuba, San Juan Bautista syncretizes with the figure of Osun, Watcher of the Osha, guide and advisor to the faithful in the Yoruba religion.

Saint John the Baptist, however, is also often syncretized with the owner of the Yoruba iron, Oggún.

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