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3 Spiritual Baths to "Unblock the roads and activate the good"

Spiritual baths to unlock

Periodically we must take spiritual baths to cleanse negative energies and receive new positive vibes.

With the spiritual baths we get rid of loads that are accumulating in our body daily due to so many emotions and thoughts, this añaWe give up being around negative people because we attract their dense energies.

Sometimes no matter how much you take a hot shower to relax, you do not feel comfortable, and if you do not resort to the spirituality that the bathrooms provide, you will not solve anything.

These baths can be in the name of your Guardian Angel and also in the name of the protectors or guides of your spiritual picture.

I recommend 3 sacred baths for Spiritual Dispossession:

Baths for Spiritual Dispossession

1. An energetic bath with white flowers to activate prosperity and love

  1. To a basin with serene water añawhite flower petals, parsley juice, honey and cologne (perfume for personal use).
  2. Rub everything with both hands and strain, carry out the bath with great faith and love.

This bath removes negative vibes and attracts positive ones, as well as attracting love and all the good things in life, as long as you ask for it from the heart.

2. Ritual bath so that the dark energies that disturb you disappear

  1. In a bucket or basin, or other container, añaGive white flower petals, yellow flower petals, honey, personal perfume and holy water.
  2. The holy water can be from the Church, from the cup of the Blessed Sacrament of your spiritual vault, serene water or rainwater.

This bath serves to get rid of dark loads absorbed by our body and also to attract all the positive things you want to your life.

  • To find out how prepare the serene water you can read the following post: CLICK HERE

3. To get rid of the bad vibes that keep you from moving forward

  1. in a container with water añagive river water, sea water, leaves of the plant remove curse (Caesalpinia bondua), personal perfume and cascarilla.
  2. You put everything together and when you have the elements ready let them rest for a few minutes, then you can take the bath.

This ritual serves to ward off bad energies and counteract the bad, the negative and everything that closes our way.

Recommendations for ritual baths:

These spiritual baths to unlock They should be given for a period of 3 days in a row, always after the common bath.

The baths will be given from the shoulders down, rubbing the body well, and should be allowed to dry on your body so that the essence stays with you.

After each bath, I always recommend wearing white or light-colored clothing, don't forget to clean the shower and throw away the remains of the ritual.

Something very important is the faith you place in the works and these baths will always be given with the light of a candle that is dedicated to whoever you want.

Remember that if it is an Orisha it will be 2 candles and otherwise it will only be one.

I hope these baths bring you the peace and quiet, love and health that you need in your life.

Other very powerful Spiritual Baths that you can do:

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