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3 Tips from a santera to manage anger and defuse the situation.

Tips from a santera to manage anger

1. Anger is like fire, don't trust it.

Ifá says: "Discussions are a bad omen."

When arguments break out around you, stay away and if you are the one who provoked it, I advise you to turn around, even if you are right and do not argue under any circumstances in front of your saints.

When we are upset we usually say what it is and what it is not, dañaing with words and leaving irreversible consequences.

A word thrown no matter how much you apologize will not be forgotten.
Advice from a santera

Shango says that Controlling anger, behaving aggressively does not lead to healthy paths.

When you feel overwhelmed blow some of cascarilla at home or wherever you are and you will see that it will serve to appease the situation.

2. Anger clouds the mind, learn to handle it.

Before speaking always listenYou should not have the same opinions, but you should learn to listen and then argue.

Before criticizing, look at yourself first and check your flaws.

Before giving your opinion What you don't know is better than shut up and learn from who is talking.

Before hurting, remember how many times you were hurt and you will feel again how much it hurts.

Do not continue blaming others for what you did not achieve, the best advice is that you live for yourself and for yourself, do not give up!

3. Losing is also winning.

Shango frees us from battles, but let's listen to their advice, no one is exempt from having conflicts when We don't want to give in.

We must always put ourselves in "the other person's shoes."

Advice is heard, do not be arrogant, avoid defensive postures and be more sensitive and aware.

Don't fight to be right, but for everyone to have it; Please be patient to solve it and watch your words.

Many say: "My father is Shango and they will have war", but violence is not the right way, it is better to solve it by following the word and warnings of the saint, remember that we all have a Guardian Angel and we must respect each other.

Before getting into discussions, think twice. 

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