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3 Tips from a santera to be humble and not judge.

Advice from a santera, be humble and do not judge

1. Let's be humble, appearances engañan, but never the heart.

Obatalá once told me: "Don't be carried away by appearances, maybe that's the way I take to get closer to you."

Do not make judgments about the value of others based on what you consider correct, although the blind cannot see this is not insignificant in the eyes of Olofin.

We must always look for the genius of each personThat their outward appearance does not make us look the other way or make rude gestures.

Beauty can come in different shapes, sizes, and conditions.
Advice from a santera.

Each of us has his own perfection, let's look for ours and don't get carried away by appearances. In the least expected person or place, you can find the right thing. 

2. In everything you sow, Olofin will multiply the harvest.

We all have a story, each person carries their weight with the pain of their injuries. Some prefer to ruin other people's lives instead of healing souls, without remembering that life turns around and everything returns and hits where it hurts the most.

Olofin's justice is divine, infinite, extensive and true.
Advice from a santera.

Maybe not today, norañana, but the day we least expect what we have sown will come to us, and not only because you wished evil, but because God's time is perfect. 

3. It is wise to judge yourself before giving your opinion of the other.

We must not judge anyone, not their past. We do not know anything about others without wearing their shoes, rags or jewelry.

Neither suffering, nor joy, nor sadness or happiness are manifested equally in hearts. You may suffer, but the sorrows of others live from their own anguish; You may cry, but her tears live in her heart; You may laugh, but laughter is born of its own joys.

We are alike, but never the same, let's not judge or compare.

Oshun She is unique and each daughter / son gives her what she deserves because only she, the Orishas and Olofin can judge their children on earth.  

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