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3 Tips from a santera that you need to hear if you are going through a bad time

1. You are brave, never stop trusting your inner strength.

Many may seek to separate you from your dreams, but worst of all is that you allow it.

The circumstances we go through are sometimes very difficult, but be brave and pursue what you propose, every grain of effort counts, remember that:

A daily grain of earth becomes a mountainaña.
Advice from a santera

When you start to be bold the huge changes will come to your life.

Accept the risk, never say: "I can't" because Yes you can abure! have faith.

2. What does not work is thrown away, remember that you are unique and special.

“He who leaves me behind, does not have me ahead”
Saying in Obbara Melli.

Do not suffer or hang your head for who left your side, in the end they are the ones who lose.

Think that if in difficult moments they were not next to you then they are not worth it, on the contrary, they will be more weight than you carry.

You will think that I say it very easily, I know it can be difficult, but everything you propose can be done, so don't look back, better companies await you ahead, believe it or not now.

Never forget to believe in yourself!

3. Within you is the power, discover it!

¡It doesn't matter how you fall, but how do you get up!
Advice from a santera

Try to look at losses with a positive perspective, because from those unpleasant moments you must learn and continue to grow as a person.

Always remind yourself that you are brave And take that step forward, don't stop Trust in the blessing of your Orishas.

Thousands of blessings to all.

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