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3 challenges you will face in becoming a saint

By becoming a saint you will face challenges

1. Prepare for a radical change in your life.

For me, starting at Osha was a radical change, A new way of living, I feel that I have changed for my benefit.

Our religion goes beyond prayers and rituals.
Advice from a santera

The saints show me the way, they separate from me the people who hurt me, they open my eyes to my enemies who, even if you don't look for them, you will always have them.

My Orishas have forbidden me behaviors that do not suit me, they have helped me so much that I thank my Osha for all the positive energy she has given me.

Sure none of this has been overnight, but it is my greatest blessing. 

2. You have a destiny and you must respect it.

We have a Itá that is our reading of the path of life and as the years go by, perhaps nothing that they told us is fulfilled, we begin to doubt and think that it is a lie, believing that it will not be fulfilled or was wrong.

The Itá is fulfilled when it corresponds, not when we want.
Advice from a santera

Remember to comply with the advice, respect the prohibitions and avoid chaos before claiming that you were not warned; Check to see what advice you did not follow before making this statement.

It is very important to know how to interpret your "Oddun" because with that knowledge and the use you make of them, you will know save you and defend you.

Always check your notebook!

3. You must accept that you will receive criticism, but the love of your religion will be unsurpassed.  

Hearing that my saints are pure images or that I believe in stones, I prefer to ignore so much ignorance and lack of respect because an explanation is worth nothing when they will never understand the love I feel for my religion.

Thinking different does not give permission to criticize and mock.
Advice from a santera

How many people have I met who say they have no religious beliefs and when I turned around they went to consult?

We must respect so that they respect us, Let's not be disrespectful to any religion and in this case, much less to mine.

Maferefun the Osha!

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