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3 Pataki of the Orisha Obatalá to reflect

Pataki from Obatalá

Obatala, wise father of the world, he always has a teaching to show us to be better and better devotees and better human beings. Next, we share three Patakíes of Obatala to ponder.


1. Obatalá and the three suitors of his daughter

The pataki tells that Obatala He had an incredibly beautiful and delicate daughter who represented everything to her father, who had three lovers named: Ikú, Aro and Ofo.

For Obatala This represented a real problem, he did not want to generate conflicts and revenge, because he was a man of peace, but he knew that if he gave his daughter to one of his three suitors the other two would seek revenge.

So as not to endanger the life of his beloved daughter, Obatala He decided to become a dove so that he could perch on a leafy tree with multicolored flowers, which represented all the virtues that his reign enjoyed.

Obatalá felt immensely unhappy because of the problem that disturbed his thoughts. Asleep he discovered the solution in a deep sleep.

He then issued an official statement to his entire kingdom, which said: "Whoever brings me an abani, will marry my daughter", but in those days, the abani were very rare and difficult to hunt.

Near the palace lived a sitier who loved the daughter of Obatala, and although he adored her in silence he made the decision to get the abani, but before he consulted his decision with Orula the wise soothsayer for advice.

The consultation with the wise Orula

The consultation resulted in this Ifá, who sent him to do ebbó (cleaning) with slugs, cascarilla, merengue, achó fun fun and a stick of his size, and finally he recommended that he go to the mountains to sing afterwards.

The sitier did everything that the fortune teller entrusted to him and with a very melodious voice he sang in the mountains, and the echoes of his voice were enchanting.  

Ikú was walking near those paths with a bag and the abani requested by Obatalá and when he heard the attractive melody, his bag fell off and he was petrified.

Before this the sitiero took the opportunity to pick up the sack and take the abani to Obatala.

This is how Obatalá chose a good husband for her daughter, and the sitiero succeeded thanks to Orula's advice, because his word is wise and he never falls to the ground. And by order of Obatalá, Orula, Echu and Oggún, Ikú, Aro and Ofo were trapped without being able to do any harm.

2. Obatala and the protection of her children on earth

The pataki says that on one occasion men were organizing large parties in honor of the orishas, ​​but in the festive preparations due to inexplicable carelessness they forgot the orisha Yemayá, owner of seas and oceans.  

The goddess was extremely furious, and conjured the force of the sea that began to engulf the entire land.

It was scary to see Yemaya riding, impetuous, angry, livid, on the highest of the waves, with her silver fan in her hand.

The men desperate at the fury they had provoked implored Obatala, owner of all heads, to intercede and help them.

The Orisha's mighty strength and vastness rushed toward what little was left in the world when Obatala he stepped in, raised his opaoyé, and ordered the goddess of all seas to stop.

Yemayá, out of respect, stopped the waters and promised to desist from her anger, and it is that Obatala He made man and is the father of all, protector and defender by nature, he would never allow himself to be harmed.

3. La puridade y Obatala

Legend has it that Obatala He lived for a time in a town that, under his influence, was quite prosperous, but one day there they began to burn garbage and raise black and foul-smelling smoke.

Because of that Obatala he left, because he does not like dirt, because he is a man of everything white, peace, cleanliness and neatness. And when he left the town, he took abundance with him and the place began to fall into disgrace and the worst poverty.

The habitaDesperate people visited Orula who consulted Ifá and told him that the problem was smoke and garbage. He also recommended them to make ebbo so that happiness would return to that land.

The villagers obeyed and threw everything away, while it started to rain.

The rain made the cascarilla, a sacred element, was watered and the path became white and pure.

Obatala Then he returned and found before his eyes a totally different place, the clean and beautiful town and he decided to stay there and with him, happiness and prosperity came to stay.

These stories teach us the wise Obatala, the protector, the old father who gives us abundance, peace, health and development. His advice is sacred, his company is a blessing and from his legends we understand important teachings that guide us towards the path of truth and the fulfillment of our destiny.

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