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4 unworthy behaviors in our religion

Respect for the Afro Cuban religion

1. A competition without faith.

Currently there is evidence of competitiveness in our religion, something that is very badly done and that goes against our ethics as religious.

Everyone equally, we have a Guardian Angel who cares for us and protects us, also protective spirits.

A saying goes:

The birds do not compete with each other to see which of them sings best, but the real bird sings its own song.
Advice from a santera

Let's apply this teaching to ourselves and don't compete, let's be able to carry our religion with good conduct, love and faith. 

2. There is no bad religion, but bad religious.

Many santeros undergo works and ceremonies without the necessary knowledge causing bad vibes and negative results for whom it is consulted or consecrated.

It is important to ask, document, and find the right answersOtherwise, one must remain silent in the face of the unknown and avoid doing practices that do not honor religion.

We always must practice honesty and respect, Remember that:

We must carry the work in our hands and the teaching on our lips.
Advice from a santera

Strive for others, the Orishas do not forget, all works and words for the good of the other will return to you as a blessing. 

3. A fashion in bad steps.

Our religion grows every day, but also consecrations have increased for sheer style and fashion.

Religion is respected, I think this is the phrase I repeat the most, because bad behavior and lack of religiosity give me a lot of courage, and the worst thing is that many older people know it and allow it.

You have to eavoid misfortunes on my dayañana with the typical excuse "they didn't say it in Itá", remember that our behavior is reflected in destiny.

We must comply and be good religious, the future that awaits us depends on us. 

4. Religious consultations based on deception.

Unfortunately nowadays many doubt the seriousness of the person who performs religious work at a certain moment (spiritualists, babalawo, oriates or others).

I remember that before, when consulting me, I had no doubts in doing so, but inconceivable and unfortunately we are living in moments in which going to be treated involves a real investigation.

Lack of religious morals and ethics reigns, so many that they disappoint and laugh at our beliefs, discrediting the religiosity in our Orishas and in our faith. 

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