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4 Tips for your spiritual growth

1. If it steals your energy, move your steps away.

Parasites in humans are less harmful than parasitic humans, we must be careful with those people who live as if glued to your skin every day, They feed on you, they don't contribute to you and they steal your energy.

If you have this problem, have a curujey plant at home that apart from having healing properties is a parasitic plant and help keep those human parasites out of your life, who consume you and live at your expense. 

2. By respecting what is foreign, we learn to take care of what is ours.

May your purpose never be to question what is foreign, we must take care and take care of our life and not of others. Remember that everyone is the way they are, accept it and don't try to change anyone. Help whenever they allow it, if not, pass by.

In this life, each one is a universe, they think and act in their own way.
Do not interfere in the problems that do not concern you, today you offer your hand andañaThey can't bite you.

In helping slavery is born, if things go wrong it will be your mistake and your advice will be the wrong one.

¡Great care! says Oshún: "as far as your hands can reach", If they ask you for help, you can offer it, but always acting with caution and limits. 

3. Embrace the new paths.

Never go back to the same place you left one day and they made you feel pain, insecurity, sadness or annoyance. Trust me, you no longer belong there, sometimes our vision shows us many closed doors when in reality life guides you to a new opportunity.

Remember Eleggúa is not wrong, it can take away three paths, but it will always show you the correct one to follow. Have faith and trust in your Orishas. 

4. We must not judge, the essential is invisible to the eyes.

Do not make judgments about others based on what you consider normalLook for the cool and special in people. One day Obatalá told me: although people can see, the blind are not insignificant and although they can speak it does not detract from the mute.

we are all unique, never let yourself be carried away by appearances, behind your criteria there is a very valuable person, with a mission and a special mystery in this world.

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