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On October 4, Orula day: Gratitude and prayers to the Orisha of Divination

October 4 Orula Day

Orula was present at the time the universe was created, and therefore it is the Orisha of divination and wisdom.

This highly revered deity of the Yoruba Pantheon he knows the past, present and future of all human beings and can advise us on the best way forward to avoid mistakes, dangers, problems and evils in general.

It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.  

  • It is syncretized in Santeria with Saint Francis of Assisi, a Catholic saint who represents the intelligence and wisdom of life.
  • The October 4 It is the day of Orula, together with the celebration of the saint.

Orula or Orunmila, as it is also known, is a fortune teller and owner of the oracles and can influence fate, even if it is the most dangerous.

In the Rule of Osha -Ifá or Santeria it is said that those who do not follow the advice and word of Orula, can be victims of the Osogbos sent by Eshú and face problems and misfortunes of all kinds.

Therefore, devotees always come to him, as he represents security, support and comfort in difficult life situations.

Orula's word never falls to the ground, it is always accurate and precise.

How to worship the Sage Orisha Orunmila?

Prayers are dedicated to Orula for all kinds of issues, including success, love, money, health, work, but above all wisdom and clarity to make good decisions.

The most important thing when asking Orula for advice is to give him a lot of respect, love and humility, so that the deity feels our energy and faith.

Although in the Yoruba religion Orula can also offer offerings, such as food, fruits, coconuts, and drinks, his attentions are also carried out as indicated by the elders and through their advice.

Some tips when attending the Orisha Orula:

  • Offerings must be delivered in even numbers and must be tested before placing, to show that they are not harmful.
  • Orula must be located in a special part of the house, calm and orderly, where he can be venerated.
  • This place of worship must be kept clean and orderly, so that the saint does not feel offended.
  • Its representative colors are green and yellow, symbols of wisdom and faith.
  • Flowers like the gallant at night are to your liking.
  • Some of the power attributes of the orisha are the ikines, the Ifá board and the Iruke.
  • To touch it, its devotees must be neat and clean.
  • Women should not touch Orula during their menstrual period.

For Orula to guide us and illuminate our path With what candle do we pray?

To pray to Orula, let us bear in mind that it is very important to refer to each other with respect and love.

In his name we can place and light two candles, one green and the other yellow, their representative colors. You can also provide a white candle or homemade wick.

When we put faith, our humility will allow us to communicate spiritually with the Orisha and for our prayers to reach him.

The light of these candles is extremely important for any ritual intended for the saint. The illumination, representative of Orula, will also indicate our faith and trust in his powers and advice.

Thus, being in charge of ensuring the well-being and prosperity of people, Orula will drive away the evil forces that surround us, and also people who have bad intentions.

Prayer to Orula: Giving thanks and begging for protection

  • We can dedicate the following prayer to ask the holy orisha for his protection:

Great beloved Orula, I ask you today to impose yourself against the evil that wants to affect me,

and that you do not abandon me because you well know my destiny.

I beg you with all my heart to pour your blessing and protection on me,

so that no evil force can touch my soul.

Lead me on a good path, and let no stone crash against

the destiny that you have imposed on me.

I thank you my Orisha. Oh great Orula, do not abandon me, ashé.

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