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5 Songs for Shango ≫ Singing to the King of Batá Drums (Videos)

Songs to Shango

Shango, the leader, the dancer and brave warrior within Santeria, is one of the Orishas most revered by Cubans, fundamentally as a deity of great courage and representative of music, dance and the intensity of life.

He is a warrior Osha highly revered in his cult and associated with rituals of dance, virility, thunder, lightning and fire.

He is the Orisha of justice and is described as an explosive deity that shows the joy of living in an intense way, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.

Shango has control over the religious system known as Osha-Ifá and he was the first interpreter of the oracle.

Syncretized in the Catholic religion with the great Saint Barbara, protector of the devotees and warrior of the faith. In both converge passion, sagacity and the strong protection of his followers.

Music for the Kawosile, the Great Shango

Above all, to Shangó, as King of the Drum and of music, the Cubans dedicate their most magnificent cultural expression and the lyrics respond to a centuries-old folk tradition.

For him they sing melodies that pay homage to him as a magnanimous protector of the devotees and who remember his qualities and his legends.

We now propose 5 popular songs dedicated to the god of thunder, Shango:

1. Long live Chango! by Celina González

"Holy Blessed Barbara

For you my lyre arises

And with emotion he is inspired

Before your pretty image

Long live Chango! Long live Chango!

Long live Chango, gentlemen! "

This is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and most chanted lyrics dedicated to Shangó by the Cuban people over the years, who have added followers to Creole folk music both nationally and internationally.

This is the song that the great Cuban interpreters Celina González and Reutilio Domínguez dedicated to Changó, god of dance and thunder, syncretized with Santa Bárbara, also performed by Celia Cruz.

Today, Cubans sing the lyrics with intense fervor, in a show of devotion to the saints and of remembrance to the artists who, with their songs, ratified Cuban identity worldwide.

2. Chango of akpwon Lázaro Ros

Lazaro Ros the greatest akpwon (singer) of Lucumí music and Arara of the Island of Cuba. His talent and beautiful voice left an unprecedented legacy to Cuban culture, Ocha Niwe, was his ritual name, and he is considered the most famous of the Cuban akpwones.

3. The Jackal sings to Shango

The Jackal, As it is popularly known in Cuba, he is one of the leaders of the urban movement on the island, he gives us this song that wastes Cubanness, religiosity and faith, the video shows a beautiful representation of the Orishas with their costumes, dances and main attributes that them define.

4. Song for Shango of Abbilona

Abbilona gives melodies full of religiosity to Cuban culture, lyrics rooted in spirituality, African roots and faith. Their songs of African origin leave traces to know our identity.

5. From the Orishas Group: Song for Elegúa and Shango

The Orishas Group produces magical mixtures of traditional Cuban music, its name honors the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon, powerful energies worshiped in the cult of the Rule of Osha throughout Cuba.

Song for Elewá and Changó: Lyrics

From this last melody we propose the lyrics that also waste Cubanness, faith and love to the Orishas Guerreros Eleguá and Shangó:

Says orí babá Orolum, orí babá Olofin, orí babá Olorde,
omi tuto, aná tuto, tuto laroye tuto ilé, tuto mo, tuto owó.
Ani cumbambao Oshún, ombao chenita aché omí Babalawo.
Aché Orunmila, Aché Ochaleri, Aché Elewá, Aché Changó kabo kabetsi,
babá tomi says aché ilé, aché hype Orisha babá.

Son Eleggua, my holy Elegua, my life Elegua

Maferefun the king of the roads

The law of my destiny

Red and black like red wine

Who opens the roads for me with his doodle

Ica of brandy tobacco smoke, dressed in a sack

Who lets me see when I'm opaque

Follow the steps, ask for health

And that it takes you away from the bad times

I ask for the blessing to express my feelings

To 'what you ask, take it for granted

I do not profess, my philosophy when it comes to Echu

Maferefun Elegguá

I sing for Elegguá and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

I sing for Elegguá and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

What i say is what i think

What I think is what I feel

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing

I like lightning I say crazy what I feel

My voice that roars like the wind

White and red I represent

Virtuous shag powerful like a bear

Very lazy, funny, fiery

Blessed Santa Barbara is your Chango

Guide your children like me on the right path

Give her the light lady of virtue

Strength, hope, trust in you, advance with your sword

My miko is as strong as the machete and Ogún

And they are as sweet as the melao of Ochún

I am an Orishas, ​​your mouth closes

Sent by Olofi to rule the Earth

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

What i say is what i think

What I think is what I feel

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing

Tune for the Orishas

That I carry in my heart with love

I ask you to give me health and inspiration

And also the blessing

I pray for everyone who has faith

The same that you see it for me

For the fool and the coward

May they never be here

Orishas arrives with his letter of the year underground

For those who have been traitors, they will not last a round

I am protected by nature

And with firmness, for the good ones I will donate my intelligence

May the fruit of patience be in your hands

Much work and suffering has cost the orishas

To be able to be in the place that they have earned

Although lots of times I stumble upon that

That grows from the one who dies sometimes dozens of times

Sometimes it does not deserve what happens, even if you stress

For the Orishas, ​​their mouth does not grow

You will remember my voice, before you pray, before you pray, pray

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing, I say it

What i say is what i think

What I think is what I feel

I sing for Eleggua and for Chango

I really sing

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