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5 Tips from a santera for religious

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1. The saints are not wrong.

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Religion always leads you to the right path, But when some people do not hear what they want to hear, they feign religiosity and ignore the advice received. Sometimes they even express the possibility of ignorance of the religious, badly thrown snails, or that Orula is wrong, and they leave the consultation trusting their own lie.

We religious who try to help from our gift and with faith gain a reputation for bad practices. The saints and the dead will always guide you, but those who refuse to accept it, it is preferable not to seek advice from the Egunn, Orishas or Orula, because in the end whoever defies his word disrespects these divinities. 

2. Everything we offer must be from the heart.

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Offer beautiful tureens and striking altars in honor of our Orishas it is different from speculating on them. True love is in the spirituality and the mystery that they enclose within them. Remember that the Orishas always lived and live in humble places, in clay and wood tureens.

We must avoid among religious people the habit of criticizing "like you have it and like I have it." Let us be able to invoke, pray and sing our Orishas and not to criticize. 

3. Ask with great faith.

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The prayers to our Orishas are made with positivity, will and faith and thus they will take effect. Many think that if you give a gift to the saint it becomes an exchange, it is not like that.

The saints are there to help us, not to negotiate with them, as a "I give you and you give me". They will provide whatever they decide is good or not for you. Sometimes we usually, without asking, offer him a drum and perhaps he wants a gourd with water. 

4. Learn from those who teach you with respect and humility.

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Have you visited a holy house and because you are Aleyo they don't greet you or simply don't treat you like others? Do not worry or believe that all religious are the same. Those people, then, are not truly religious.

Get close to the true ones, who teach, guide and advise you with respect. Don't let anyone belittle you, humiliate you, or feel superior to you.

5. Religion is carried in the heart.

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I have learned and had a hard time understanding that Everything comes when it has to, even if you hurry. Our religion is not imposed on our children and family, we must teach them the ethics of our religion and our precepts, but not force them to think and act alike.

I have known many cases in which they do not have due respect for Osha and have very bad experiences. Let's give our hearts and show through time, with the patience of Baba Obatalá that we were not wrong in giving advice and perhaps predicting what might happen.  

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