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5 things the Orisha Oggún likes

what does oggún like

To the Orisha Oggun The fighters and the brave pray to him, those who are not afraid to sacrifice their lives for a just cause ... the impulsive, the powerful, the leaders by nature, have their representation in that Yoruba deity.

He symbolizes the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command, force, violence, impulse, authority, virility, and youth.

We now present 5 of the qualities and tastes of Oggún, the great warrior:

1. The metals

Oggun He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals.

Thus, he has the power of all kinds of metal and he is the owner of the roads, as well as of the mountains, he is also a direct messenger of obbatala and it is characterized by having a strong and violent character, as powerful and difficult to break as the element it represents.

2. Iron attributes

The receptacle of Oggun It is an iron cauldron with three legs and carries an otá (stone) collected in the mountains or on the train tracks.

Also its attributes are made of metal, such as horseshoes, line nails, a piece of railroad track, horse bridle, swords, picks, shovels, machete, mass, the anvil and hammer set, general work tools, chains, revolvers, rifle, knives, achabbá (chain with 21 pieces), guano hat, mariwó (dried palm leaves), spears, magnet among others.

Oggún likes to brandish everything in his path with his machete, it is the symbol that represents him, a tool with which he faces each and every one of his enemies, but which he also uses to make his way through a jungle or a mountain.

3. Justice

He is the second Orisha in the Regla Ocha, behind his brother. Elegua, because when it opens roads, Oggun He is the warrior in charge of protecting the devotees who choose them.

It is he who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands, with a strong character and a great display of violence towards his enemies.

4. Offerings to entertain him

Al yoruba warriorRams, goats, chickens, roosters, land snails, as well as sea snails, can be offered as an offering.

It is said that any animal that is sacrificed for him is willingly accepted and presented to him by his devotees, to thank him for his blessings and protection.

Honey, smoked fish, corojo butter, roasted corn and liquor are also offered to this deity.

Its ewes (herbs) are avocado, carob, almácigo, almond, atiponlá, cow's tongue, chicken leg, Ceiba, blackberry, blood grass, poppy, basil, aroma, rompersaragüey, romerillo, holy thistle, ginger, pomegranate , pendejera, peony, tobacco, always alive, among others.

5. Attention of his devotees

Oggun appreciates the devotion of his children, this deity should be attended on Mondays. To do this, brandy or rum and tobacco smoke are blown, honey is poured over them, and roasted corn, smoked jutía and smoked fish are sprinkled on top.

We do not have to kneel before him, only a candle is lit to help us with our needs and problems.

He is asked for strength to move forward, improvements at work and the achievement of victories and goals, among others.

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