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5 Things that the Orisha Oshosi likes Who is he and why worship him?

Oshosi who is

oshosi He is an Osha from the Orisha Oddé group, known as The Warriors in the Yoruba religion. It is one of the first Orishas and Osha that any individual receives.

It represents protection, and is a hunter orisha related to prison, justice and defender of the persecuted.

It is the thought that is capable of moving to any time and place to capture something and fight against injustices.

We present 5 qualities and tastes of the warrior ochosi:

We have dedicated this article to the great Oshosi because he is one of the most powerful and righteous Orishas, ​​and it is important that more is known about his power in the Osha or Santeria.

1. Justice is one of its pillars

He is considered a magician and sorcerer.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Yes "He who works with witchcraft".  

He owns the forest and the game. Oshosi He is the one in charge of protecting the fugitives and feeding the hungry meat.

Its fundamental pillar and for which it is invoked is justice.

2. Attributes linked to hunting

The attributes of ochosi They are linked to his fierce character as a hunter and a fighter for justice.

Thus, it uses among its attributes and power tools:

  • Spears, arrows and bows,
  • traps, gunpowder and rifle,
  • two metal dogs,
  • an animal skin coat and a fur hat,
  • fishing attributes and hunting trophies,
  • venison Jars,
  • a trident in the form of a large arrow,
  • three acofa,
  • a little mirror,
  • a majá, a dove, and a bird
  • weapons such as sword, machete, knife, etc.

Colors that represent it are lilac or light purple.

your clothing is a combination of Elegua y Oggun.

Your hat and bag on his shoulder they are made of tiger skin and he always carries a bow and arrow.

3. Offerings (addimú) to ask for their protection

A ochosi animals such as:

  • Pigeon, goat, rooster, quail, chicken, deer, guinea fowl, hutia, etc.

It is customary for him to perform ceremonies in the mañana and outdoors, because it is written that his home is the mountain and that he loves freedom.

He also prefers fruits and vegetables such as:

  • Zapote, ateje, cilantro, male river fern, red pigweed, river flax.

4. Attention and invocation with the warrior Oggun

One of the qualities of this hunter deity is its close relationship with Oggun.

They live together inside a metal cauldron and it is said that their union establishes the unshakable strength in the face of life.

Tips for pampering Warriors:

  • Both should be seen on Mondays.
  • To do this, brandy or rum is blown on them, honey is poured over them, tobacco smoke is blown over them, and roasted corn, smoked jutia and smoked fish are sprinkled on top.
  • At the same time, they are prayed for their help and protection.

To attend to them it is not necessary to kneel, only a candle is lit to implore their support in the face of life's difficulties.

Prayer to Oshosi to invoke him and ask him:

One of the most popular prayers for ochosi It is the one that implores the Orisha to protect the person from all evils and dangers:

This prayer is actually a prayer dedicated to Saint Norberto, since the Orisha Oshosi in Santeria or Osha's Rule is syncretized with this Catholic saint.

"To you, great victor, I ask you to confuse my enemies,

And make them come to me for me to forgive them and take them to the path of holy piety.

Deer and wild beasts were led by you to obedience, and you were the most outstanding

And champion of Christian preaching.

At your feet, I ask you qyou make my life look out of all danger,

And can enjoy on earth, with the fervor of God,

To be worthy of your blessing in the hour of my death.


5. Devotion of their children in the Osha

A ochosi He likes that his children thank him and adore him, by reflecting his character and qualities, especially for the sense of justice.

Therefore, it is said that their children They have a tendency to be nomadic and bohemian, they are people with quick reflexes, astute and they are aware of any opportunity.

They also like to feel free, they prove to be loyal, hospitable and very protective.

  • You are greeted with great respect saying Oshosi Odde Mata! 

We share more ways to venerate the great Oshosi:

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