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5 lessons that changed my life: Advice from a santera

Experiences of a santera

1. Religion came into my life to make me grow.

I was never religious, in fact, in my family no one practiced religion, but one day I got sick and everything changed.

Perhaps for many it is ugly to hear it, but that was the beginning of everything.

Today, I am very sure that everything happens for a reason and I know that Olofin put me on the right track.

It was surprising that at that time I had no faith and while I was in bed, I was consulted remotely at the foot of Orula through my husband, so I did not meet my godfather and godmother in person, but I did swear that as soon as I recovered. I would go to thank them and that's how it happened.

With this little story I want to say that: "What is for you, is for you, even if they take it off or, even if they put it on you."

Grateful and proud every day of my godparents, my Orishas and my Eggun.

2. The Orishas will put the destiny that corresponds to you on your way.

The day comes when they tell you that you have to crown yourself and you do not know how you will get the right, or how you will buy your basket because you were not really prepared for it.

But the saint will look for a solution and will put everything in your hands.

When the moment comes to be crowned, it is when with a rejoicing heart you wonder how you could achieve it in just a few days or months.

I only advise you have faith and a lot of confidence that the Orisha that "he gives it to you, he gives it to you." 

3. The teachings of religion are practiced with respect.

Since I was crowned, my elders have always taught me to respect and greet. While I was an iyawo, it happened to me many times that I greeted santeros and they did not respond to me, but even so I continued to do so.

Being Iyalosha I continue to greet the iyawos and many do not greet either.

We must bear in mind that the greeting is not to the person, it is to the Orisha, which will feel offended because you do not give him moforibale.

Respect is essential in our religion. 

4. The company of our elders is a blessing.

Sometimes you need help and without knowing if they can assist you because of the distance or their situation, they contact you immediately, and they are present at that moment, no matter how great the distance, you feel that they are there for you, closer than ever.

Thanks to Olofin, I have that blessing.

My godmother and I respect each other from day one, my family is yours and yours is mine.

With this I make a call to all who read this comment and do not have that happiness like me, of rreflect on whether the cause of that rupture is so powerful like to stay away. 

5. Infinite gratitude towards the abundance in my life.

Since I was a child they taught me to thank God for the bread on my table every dayLater, when I was crowned, I learned with my godmother that when I finished eating I should touch the plate and then kiss my fingers as a sign of gratitude.

It is also important to remember always leave some food on the plate for Eshú.

Always thank your Orishas for their food and share like good santeroIf you give from your heart what you have, you will never lack bread because Olofin will reward you with abundance.

Have a blessed week!

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