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6 Tips from a santera for difficult days

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1. Don't worry about a thing!

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Remember: We can spend the rest of our lives anxious about the future, but it won't change anything. Worry is defined as the feeling that immobilizes the present for things that may happen, maybe you believe it, maybe not, but we waste a lot of time worrying about an uncertain future. Live your present and enjoy every minute.

 ? My mother Oshún says: Do you like that pair of earrings ?: put them on; Do you like that dress ?: dress it up, do you like life? "Live the". 

2. When your strength fails, have faith.

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Are you confused? Unfinished things? Dreams? Expectations? Hope? Emotion?…

Do not stop so much thinking because nothing will solve, take action and move forward. And if you feel that you cannot start because you lack everything, remember that you have that faith in Olofin that you should not lose, always trusting that you will unexpectedly receive what you long for.

3. Accept change, let things flow.

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Half things don't work outWe must close cycles and place end points, otherwise we will not advance and this will fill us with anguish. We often do not accept changes, and leave things unfinished due to external circumstances, but in reality it is our decision to push away and leave behind what does not fit.

If your purpose is to do a task, finish it! do not allow anything to influence and let everything flow.

"I don't want to chin-chin, if it's going to rain, let it rain,"

everything that is destined to happen will happen.

If we leave things unfinished afterwards they will not flow at all, For example, if for our own good we must carry out some ebbó, work or accept some advice and we do not do it correctly, the results will not be for the better and then in moments of folly we will claim our Orishas.

4. For every problem, a path will always be opened.

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They'll never test you with what you can't handle take that for granted. The Orishas show me every day that, although I am drowned in some situation and the solution does not appear, suddenly and without even imagining it my paths open. Always trust that for every problem the Orishas send you a way out.

What's the song say:

"a smile to despair and a kiss to hatred"

5. Be grateful every day.

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Days that you get up and you don't know what to do because you don't have an iota of will. First of all, Look up at the sky, give thanks and ask Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare for their blessing. Take a deep breath, even if you have accumulated hatred, let it go and forgive, smile!

Talk to your Orishas who are always ready to listen to you. Put on music, relax; wash the house, if it is with water from Yemayá Olokun much better, but with basil and fresh cologne, add cascarilla.

Remember: cleans itself from back to front, putting your positive vibes on, you will see how your day changes. 

6. Trust your strength.

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Whenever it rains it clears and there are no storms that do not subside. When the winds are favorable to us, Although a thousand trees fall, we will be that tree that remains standing. How many times do we not think that the storm would bring us down? Then in the calm we realize that we came out unharmed and here we are ... stronger than ever.

Have confidence in what you carry in your leri, in what habita in your heart, in your religion and in yourself, change the circumstances of everything you propose and want to do. 

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