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September 8: On her day Oshun arrives to give us her blessing

September 8 Oshun

There is nothing in this world that my mother Oshun has not given me, and what I asked of her and she did not grant me, today I am infinitely grateful because life, the path and time showed me that it was not the right thing for me, that is why I leave everything in her hands, only she knows what I need in my life, his plan is perfect and I accept it.

Every September 8 en the Rule of Osha or Santeria We celebrate Oshún together with the Patron Saint of Cuba, the Golden Virgin, La Caridad del Cobre, we adore them in one faith, like two mothers.

Although many do not agree with having this celebration together, since it is the result of the suffering and many sacrifices of our ancestors, for me it is part of the inheritance that was bequeathed to me, and if my ancestors ended up worshiping both under the same faith I accept and respect it, as I have also respected those who do not think like me.

The important thing is that faith is immense for them, regardless of the dates or the reasons, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to venerate them, serve them and dedicate all my love to them this day, although we do not forget that, as a mother, our hearts must thank them. every day of this world and not reduce gratitude only to special celebrations.

A prayer that we can dedicate to Oshun on her day:

If you can, light a candle in her name, and in the light of it, thank her, tell her how fortunate you feel to have her in your life, and from the heart share those words or thoughts that come to you.

Iyá Oshun! Orisha of rivers and waterfalls, waters that purify the evils of the world. Orisha of love! Your sweet waters keep the passions that feed the soul with vibrations of peace and mercy. I thank you infinitely for always being on my way protecting me.
Beautiful Oshun, owner of gold, open and clarify my paths, I need you, pour your charity on me and my family, may your blessing never be lacking.
Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

I pray short to Oshun to give thanks and beg

When we go to invoke Oshun with this prayer of thanks that at the same time begs her to help us in our adversities, let us light a white, yellow or gold candle in her name, which are her favorite colors, although what is really important is not the color, but the light and love that we offer him.

  • If we can offer him 5 sunflowers, he will welcome them, but he will also do so if we give him flowers from our garden, or simply what we can give him, even if it is nothing.

Blessed be Mother Oshun, protect your children from misfortunes and sow in our hearts the joy of true love.
That by shaking your five handkerchiefs you help me get out of my life everything that hinders me and hurts me (make the request).
That at the sound of your bell you listen to me and grant me the joy and love I need.
May you always have the path open to health, happiness and prosperity
Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo! 

prayer of thanks to the Virgin of Charity

To our Lady of Charity you can also light a candle in front of her image if you have one, and dedicate this beautiful prayer to her, as long as it is with faith, the rest is not important.

My venerated Virgencita de la Caridad del Cobre, you are the mother of all, great and wonderful you are in our entire earthly world where you perform miracles.  

You are full of grace and kindness, like a star in the sky you enlighten us with your mercy, with your motherly love, and the light you give us to clarify the darkest paths.

Today I just want to thank you and beg you to fill my life with peace, to be my guide and counselor at all times, and that with your beautiful miraculous mantle you protect me and mine from whatever we have to face, if you accompany meañaI will not be afraid of anything, because I trust you.

Thank you little mother, my Virgin of Charity of Copper, I adore you and I am infinitely grateful for your great blessing. Amen   

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