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9 Flowers with great Energetic Power that you should place in your Home Today

9 plants for energy

Each flower that exists on the face of the earth has its own charm and a specific mission.

When we place flowers in the home we encourage the use of their virtues for our own benefit, without realizing these delicate plants radiate us with their positive energy making our days more bearable.

9 plants for positive energy: Properties and virtues that flowers give us

1. Jasmine is a virtuous species.

Jasmine flower
Jasmine flower

Jasmine is a flower with a great aroma, it has the virtue of strengthening the relationship of the couple and the family union, which is why it is recommended to place it in the spaces of the house where the family likes to meet more frequently, so that in this way everyone be radiated with your positive energy.

2. Chrysanthemum promotes harmony and good humor.


This uniquely beautiful flower brings spiritual comfort to the home. They are in charge of promoting harmony and fostering good humor among family members.

Chrysanthemums are related to relaxation and meditations.

3. The Water Lily is capable of healing the spirit.

Pink lily

This flower offers clarity in thought allowing better decision making, brings loquacity to speakers, is capable of providing spiritual healing to people who are astrally opaque.

The water lily favors meditation allowing to promote inner growth.

4. Wisteria are blessed flowers.

Wisteria flower
Wisteria Flower

Wisteria are peculiar flowers which have a great aroma. These are also known under the name of Wisterias.

Among its qualities, beauty stands out, they are capable of attracting blessings for the home, granting comfort in afflictions, these attract love, mainly self-affection.

Its aroma relieves stress and promotes wisdom, which is why it is common to find it as part of incense.

5. The Verbena Flower

Verbena flower
Verbena flower

This floral species has the gift of establishing a good spiritual connection with the supernatural world.

In its presence, love, fortune, joy and vitality emerge, qualities that make it the preferred choice for flower arrangements in many homes.

6. The Tulip is the flower of stability.

Tulip flower
Tulip flower

When you need to find spiritual strength, you should go to the help of the Tulip, this flower promotes gratitude and peace dialogues between human beings.

This is considered the flower of marital stability. The Tulip gives off good vibes.

7. The Sunflower is considered the flower of happiness.

Sunflowers field

In any space where the Sunflower is located there will be happiness, harmony, positive energy and creative impulse.

This flower possesses the virtue of Orisha Oshun, holy Yoruba patron saint of love and relationships.

8. The Rose represents passion.

Red rose

The abundance in the Flora is represented by red roses, these flowers embody passion and sexual desire, they offer protection to the home due to their high spiritual charge.

9. Orchids embody elegance.

Orchid flower

The most elegant flowers that exist are Orchids, their bearing is associated with refinement, fertility and good taste.

They are virtuous in eradicating conflict as well as ideal in uncovering deception.

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