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How do I use the Oshún fan to ward off bad energies?

Oshún Fan

The fresh waters of the world such as rivers, streams, springs, waterfalls, are of the beautiful and sensual Orisha Oshun who embodies love, fertility and gold.

We always turn to her to provide us with love, desired pregnancies and economic abundance, health and many more blessings that Queen Oshún offers us.

Within the Yoruba Pantheon she is the smallest of all the Orishas, ​​but she has the power for everything, and everyone goes to her divine waters seeking her sacred blessing.

She uses all her charms to get what she wants. She identifies with the yellow and gold colors, her five gold hands tinkle as she walks and she moves them with great delight so that they know that she has arrived, she also loves sunflower.

Among its attributes, the favorite is a fan of peacock feathers, which is its favorite animal.

What does the fan of the beautiful Oshún give us?

Oshún's fan is a true amulet that protects us. It brings us good energy and if you have feathers from your favorite bird, much better.

It will always be placed in your tureen to be nourished by its powerful energy, by using it it allows us to divert the dark energies and transform them into positive ones.

I will tell you about how I use it:

If you put a sandalwood, cinnamon or honey incense next to Oshún and place the fan over the incense smoke and pass it 5 times around your body, it will cleanse your energy.

This is recommended to do before and after arriving from the street, to cleanse yourself of the bad influences that you collected or that you can collect.

Surely you have some essence of your perfume near Oshún, if you smear a few drops on your fan and fan yourself while you are talking to it, that simple gesture makes you attract everything you want to your life.

Remember that more than asking, you must accept and be grateful for what she offers you, because I assure you that, if your request is not good for you, she will not give it to you. When you use your fan it should always be with faith and a lot of love.

Now, if you use it to fan someone you love and need Oshún to help him, he will also be attracted by what you transmit.

Yellow and gold fan:

Although our sacred Oshun has many paths, these colors accompany her.añan always, so with fans of these shades you attract achievement, satisfaction and spirituality.

Gold attracts solvency and confidence, and brings abundance and beauty to our lives. Oshún is the Orisha who owns gold, therefore she favors and blesses us when we use it.

I hope that I shared it in a humble way and that it has served me, it also helps all those who have faith and a lot of love in our Mother Oshún. 

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