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The Devil Abita, evil in Yoruba religion

Abita yoruba religion

In Yoruba religion talk about treaties with the devil Abita it is done respectfully and that entity is mistrusted by all those who recognize it.

It is one of the entities considered minor Orishas and represents the existence of evil, as it has a very negative power in Yoruba mythology.

The Yoruba religion places Abita as one of the few Orishas whose energy is negative, often used to do harm or to carry out revenge on behalf of those who pray to him.

But we must not confuse the concept of the Devil of the Christians with the Orisha Deity that is the Devil. Abita. There are similarities and differences between both malevolent representations.

Similar are their wishes to cause harm, but unlike the Devil of Catholics, Abita heed the requests of those who were injured in the past.

However, the analogy of this Orisha with the Devil is considered in some cults, in others it is only a malevolent deity.

Abita, savior from evil with more evil

Those who invoke Abita They are always intended to harm or put a spell, although it is said that there are people who try to approach the orisha to dominate their own evil and transform it to perform good deeds.

But many of those who indulge in the cult of Abita are the ones who have been dañatwo in the past and who wish to return evil as revenge.

The pataki of Abita and Shango

The pataki tells that Shango he had a son on this earth and he was mistreated where he habitaba, without getting peace and crying all the time.

One day, being covered in tears, hungry, naked and beaten, he called Olofín on the bank of a nearby river. Then the tears that covered his body turned into thorns.

Thus with his body full of thorns, he managed to hide in the vicinity of the river and protect himself from his enemies, who could not do him more harm.

He survived by swelling up and showing him his spines, making them flee in fear, and keeping them away.

The more tears he cried, the more his body filled with thorns, driving away his enemies, but also those who came with kindness to comfort him.

When Shango saw his son, he was moved by the suffering he was going through.

So he turned around like a ram and turned Abita. At that moment, she said in a loud and firm tone:

"I am Abita. I am Shango. And I am Orunmila. I'm going to give you the power to defeat your enemies. I am going to give you the power to alleviate your sorrows and pains ”.

He thus took his son and gave him his great power in a gold ring that had a black stone.

Then he said:

“Whenever you need me, go to the foot of the tree with this ring. Shout out what I've taught you. Immediately I will come to help you. I will immediately come to defend you ”.

Since then Shangó is his protector and the one who defends him from his worst enemies, the strength of the King of Fire wins battles and when it comes to his omo (sons) his strength is enormous.

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