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Spiritual meaning of coconut oil Do you know how to use this essence?

Coconut oil

Coconut oil It is one of the elements with the greatest properties for the benefit of human health.

This fruit contains fatty acids that are used in gastronomy, in the cosmetic and beauty industry and also in traditional natural medicine and esoteric practices.

  • It is ideal to protect and hydrate the skin and hair due to the amount of vitamins it can provide
  • It cleanses the skin deeply to get rid of dead cells that can cause discomfort.
  • It gives a unique flavor to foods, which is why many recipes include it as a healthy and beneficial food for health.
  • It has a relaxing effect and in massages and baths, it helps to eliminate mental fatigue and tiredness.

How can we use in the spirituality el Coconut oil?

The coconut is considered a sacred and magical element, due to its immense properties for human health and the ancient legends that associate it with rituals of prosperity, purification and protection.

It is said that, in Borneo, when a child was born, a shaman was called to protect the soul of the child inside a coconut, so that his essence would never be attacked by evil spirits.

That is why coconut oil is a great ally for rituals and spells, mainly as a protector and purifier of environments.

3 Ways to use this powerful oil:

  1. To anoint the elements we use and enhance magic.

In addition, it can be used directly on the body, mixed with other elements, to purify the person who will perform the ritual.

  1. His gift to enhance sensuality and sexual energy It is the main esoteric property attributed to coconut oil.

It is said that, through the use of this element, the environment required for spells of love and moorings is achieved.

  1. It is widely used in spiritual cleansing, due to the powers of this tropical fruit to dislodge negative presences from physical spaces.

And it is that the coconut qualifies as a pure and decontaminating element whose aroma blocks the way to the evil eye and negative energy in general.

We can use coconut oil in different ways and for different purposes:

  • Fragrance: Used in perfume, coconut oil provides protection against bad influences. It will also increase the attraction that other people feel towards us.
  • Incense: Coconut-scented incense is recommended for use in homes and workplaces to attract prosperity.
  • Scented candles: Scented candles with coconut oil are essential to reinforce love spells.
  • Spiritual baths: This is an ancient tradition, since it is said that coconut oil in baths helps us cleanse the spirit and revitalize our energy.

A few drops in the shower water will be enough to cleanse us of negative vibes.

Some of the rituals that we can perform with the power of the coconut:

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