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What are the uses of Jojoba Oil in spirituality and health?

Jojoba oil uses

Jojoba oil It is a product that comes from a typical desert bush.

  • His scientific name is simmondsia chinensis.

It is usual in the Sonora area, located in the northern part of Mexico, where the natives already used it to improve their physical appearance, as it constitutes a natural elixir that is very beneficial for human health.

Powerful benefits that this oil gives us: The elixir of youth

Jojoba oil is an especially useful product from the point of view of natural cosmetics that supports us in our aesthetic care.

This is thanks to its own natural composition of:

  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

How to take advantage of the uses of jojoba oil in health and beauty?

  • On the skin: This powerful oil can heal the skin due to the action of ceramide and vitamin E, whose combined action can recover and improve our body.

It is very effective in controlling flaky skin and dryness and therefore is used in the treatment of conditions such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic, psoriasis, eczema, acne and others.

  • In the hair: this natural product acts on our hair, as it regulates fat, preventing its indiscriminate appearance.  

It is especially recommended for hair dañado, dry or dull, to provide extra hydration naturally.

  • Hydrate the body: this oil is used to hydrate, calm and reduce inflammation of all parts of our body and works perfectly if we suffer from scratches and hardness on our feet.

Magical properties of Jojoba oil

Natural oils have a long history linked to their use in magic and rituals. Its natural energies enhance spells and are very beneficial to combat bad vibes.

Jojoba oil also has a spiritual meaning connected to good energies and luck, and as it is given magical properties as a skin rejuvenator, it is also related to beauty, self-esteem and vitality.

Its thousands of cosmetic benefits have caused many to call jojoba, the magical plant that rejuvenates.

The legend of jojoba oil arose with the American Indians, who attributed magical and spiritual properties to it when using it as:

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Hair restorer and conditioner
  • Skin protector

An oil widely used in rituals and spirituality:

We can also take advantage of its virtues mixed with other oils on the market.

And is that jojoba oil is a base oil, that is, so that essential oils in general are not so strong or pure, which can irritate the skin, they can be diluted with jojoba oil, so the aroma is not lost And power.  

These rituals in esotericism use jojoba oil as an element to connect with the purpose we want to achieve or the goals we want to achieve, whether in love, money, health, etc.

Currently, this oil is used in numerous rituals, mainly to attract love and give self-esteem with beauty spells, due to the intense properties that this element possesses.

Jojoba is also used to make essential oils widely used in aromatherapy, a technique that can relax us and help us find our being from meditation and spiritual connection.

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