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What esoteric properties does Laurel Oil have? Simple rituals

Laurel oil esoteric properties

Laurel is a legendary plant, the one that crowned the bravest in Rome, so it is a symbol of triumph.

In addition, it represents the fire element and its ruling planet is the Sun.

It is used in many spheres of life, for example:

  • Due to its beneficial properties for the human body and its spiritual virtues, it is used in many rituals.  
  • In the culinary field, laurel enhances the taste of food with its aroma. Its commonly dried leaves are added to many food preparations.
  • Bay leaf also has important medicinal properties, including helping to treat the common flu with its calming effect.

The essential oil of laurel carries the essence of the plant itself and we can use it to:

  • protection of environments and people
  • purification of spaces
  • clean the aura of our house and protect it from negative energies
  • as an amulet to protect against evil
  • to ward off bad luck
  • to enhance clairvoyance and wisdom

3 Rituals that purify and healn with Laurel

The laurel plant is attributed a series of esoteric properties and magical qualities associated with:

  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Purification
  • Fortaleza

1. A powerful protective amulet:

It is said that sprinkling a few drops of laurel essential oil on our neck or inside the wrists, serves as an amulet to ward off negativity and evil, and to avoid any spell that is intended for us.

2. Purifying cleaning at home or business:

If we add a little oil from this plant to the water with which we clean the house, we prevent the entry of evil spirits.

Mopping the floors and cleaning the furniture with that prepared water will make the negative energy that may have accumulated leave the corners of our home and will purify each space.

We can also clean objects and antiques.

3. Ritual baths that cleanse the body and soul:

Take spiritual baths With essential oil of laurel and sandalwood, it will remove evil curses and enchantments that may weigh on us.

We just have to mix boiled water and drops of essential oil from these two powerful energy plants and spray the liquid all over our body, while we ask that negative energy and bad desires leave us.

Other cleansings and rituals that we can perform for our well-being:

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