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10 Essential Oils with powerful esoteric and spiritual properties

Essential oils spiritual properties

Essential oils made of different and powerful herbs, they are one of the largest and most varied ceremonial tools used in esoteric rituals around the world, since their spiritual properties hide powers.

And it is that the essential oil is used to improve well-being in life and even treat health-related problems.

In addition, due to its powerful aroma it is used in cosmetics and is añafrom soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes that we often use.

How do essential oils help with emotions and spirituality?

The essential oil and its properties are also used to calm the nervous system, especially during periods of stress, depression and insomnia.

The different fragrances of nature can calm the spirits, treat depression, take away stress and enhance concentration, among many other effects.

It is even extremely popular in aromatherapy, as its properties relax the environment and calm down.

For these qualities and many others, these excellent compounds are packed with medicinal and spiritual powers, which help us calm down and manage our emotions in a better way.

Many use it in the form of incense, incense or in scented candles, in order to enjoy its intoxicating fragrance and that it enhances all kinds of spells designed to attract good vibes and protect.

Different ritual uses of Essential Oils

Many ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations associated with changes in our lives, as well as rituals for specific jobs, use specific elements and tools, such as candles, magical herbs, incense, and, of course, essential oils with esoteric properties.

The latter, give strength to the event or improve the results sought with the spell or ritual ceremony.

Esoteric oils open the doors to good energy and help us to invoke the forces we need for our rites and rituals.

There are several basic types of oils that we can use in different rituals for very different purposes.

We must know its characteristics to know what exactly can help us to enhance our requests and attract the good vibes to our lives.

The most popular oils with powerful esoteric properties are categorized as:

Ritual oils

Used to spread on candles, ritual tools, materials, and other items.

They can also be anointed on the body and are then called anointing oils.

Aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back more than 6.000 years, when our ancestors burned flowers and aromatic herbs to improve the environment and seek positive energy.

Today these oils are used in aromatic spiritual baths, massages, or skin lotions for healing and cosmetic purposes.

Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated aromas of the plant from which they are obtained and are used mainly to make perfumes and flavorings.

They are used to enhance the energy desired to the ritual, mixing it with other spiritual oils.

Handmade oils

They are those that are prepared individually by mixing magical herbs, roots, flowers and other natural ingredients and that are filled with the desired intention during a ritual.

They must also be consecrated according to the principles of the tradition or culture on which the ritual is based.

How to use them? The spiritual use of Essential Oils

All of these oils are esoteric or spiritual and can be used in a myriad of ways:

  • We can spread them on candles, crystals, amulets, talismans and other items to fill these items with the magical power of herbs.
  • They can be used for smear on the body, feel the energies of each oil and gain momentum, courage and energy.
  • We use them in bathrooms aromatic and spiritual to relax the body and mind and wash away negative energy.

IMPORTANT: You need to research first before using them on the body.

Always taking into account the type of oil, as some are toxic if their purity is very high and others can cause allergies depending on the type of our skin.

10 Oils with immense esoteric properties: Know its uses

There are several oils that are included among the most used in magical rituals, due to their immense esoteric properties to call out good energies and protect us from bad desires.

Essential oil of:

1. Acacia for good energy to arrive

It is used as an anointing oil for altars, incense burners, and candles, thus enhancing its role in rituals.

This oil attracts good vibes and enhances the powers of the ritual elements that we use.

2. Amber against the evil that lurks

This oil is very popular as a protection against bad luck and evil.

It can be used in incense and scented candles so that its aroma attracts good energy, luck and prosperity.

3. Bergamot, the one that drives away dark influences

It is an excellent talisman that protects from dark energy. It is worn in the palm of each hand to protect us from harm.

4. Cinnamon to attract good love

It is one of the most popular for the pursuit of luck and prosperity.

It is also used in baths and aromatherapy in general for its intense fragrance. It is used for good luck, attracting money and love.

5. Cedar, which we smear on amulets

It is used for protection from all evil.

It is an oil used to anoint amulets or talismans to protect us from misery, misery and misfortune.

6. Eucalyptus so that we have health

Due to its intense aroma, it is used to ward off negative energies from the home.

It is believed to be a strong healing oil, which is why homes are impregnated with that aroma if any member of the family suffers from an illness.

7. Peppermint to keep danger away

It is a protective oil that keeps our home free of bad energy.

If we spray the floors and objects in the house with this oil, we protect ourselves from attacks, danger and intruders.

8. Jasmine, an oil that maintains passion

It is an oil with a powerful aroma that attracts love and ignites passion. It is a powerful love oil that is used for binding spells.

9. Laurel against evil eyes

This oil is an intense purifier that repels all kinds of negative energies and the evil eye.

Used in cleaning and bathing, it breaks spells and protects us from any evil. It is said to purify the soul.

10. Mistletoe to activate prosperity and money

It is a powerful oil designed to improve the environment in our work or business.

Used in cleanings or incense, it attracts customers and develops business.

It also helps us get better job opportunities.

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