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Addimú to Aggayú Solá to attract evolution and open paths

Addimú to Aggayú

We will offer this Addimú (offering) to Aggayu Solá for our development, asking with faith that the roads be opened, that the positive and prosperous enter our lives.

Aggayú is the Giant of Osha, the father of Shango, who in nature represents the interior of the earth, the deserts and the most powerful natural energies belong to him.

He is a strong and energetic Orisha who lives in the currents of rivers, protector of all walkers and drivers.

Addimú with Aggayú:

This offering is made up of powerful ingredients such as yam, which emerges from within the earth, and rice and birdseed, foods that attract luck, health, prosperity and development.

Ingredients you need:

Cuban yam
  • Yam (edible tuber of the Dioscorea genus, traditionally consumed in Cuba)
  • Corojo butter
  • White plate
  • A handful of rice
  • A handful of birdseed
  • Cascarilla
  • 8 white fabric flags
  • 1 red fabric flag
  • 2 red or white candles
  • 9 cents

How to prepare the offering to the orisha?

  1. First you must cook the yam in water with a small teaspoon of corojo butter, do not add salt.
  2. When the yam is soft, let it cool and remove it from the water. You must let it cool well because you will knead it with your hands.
  3. Then when it is cold you place it on the plate and you will begin to knead and gradually pour a handful of rice and a handful of birdseed over it.
  4. When kneading and pouring the ingredients go asking Aggayú and visualizing what you want to offer you and come into your life.
  5. You must continue kneading until you get a homogeneous mixture so that you can make a tower.
  6. When the tower is done you must sprinkle cascarilla Above her.
  7. Place the 8 white flags around the tower and the red flag goes on top of it.

The flags can be made at home with fabric or paper, you can also use toothpicks or twigs of a plant to make them.

  1. Place the tower on top of the basin (jar) of Aggayú and light its 2 candles, to carry out this work you must have the Orisha received.
  2. Remember to give Aggayú knowledge of your Addimú, ask for his blessing, give him thanks and then ask him for what he needs.
  3. You will have it for 9 days, each day you will light the two candles for a while.
  4. Then he will take you to a mountainaña or to the bank of a river and leaves him his 9 cents right, but not before having cleaned himself with the money.

I recommend never asking for money, always ask for the means for development and evolution. Everything that is done with faith and will, plus trust in this great Orisha Aggayú will bring you the expected result.

May Aggayú grant you what you are looking for from the heart, and give you a lot of Ashé, evolution, abundance and, above all, a lot of health.

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