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If you want to overcome difficulties with Elegguá give him this effective addimú

Addimú to Elegguá to open the roads

Here I leave you an addimú (offering) dedicated to the small giant of the Osha Elegguá to open roads.

We entrust ourselves to his great power because it is the little giant who rules destiny and opens the doors to abundance and luck.

Elegguá as owner of roadsHe is always the first to be offered in all ceremonies, he is a great warrior and forms a powerful trilogy with Oggún, Oshosi and Ozun in Santeria or the Rule of Osha.

Everything you do in the rituals to the Orishas, ​​do it with love and a lot of faith and you will see the results, because without faith and love for Elegguá nothing will be achieved.

First we thank Eleguá for his blessings and then we ask for health, love, luck, abundance and new opportunities in our life.


  • 1 coco
  • 1 yam (fruit also known as Sachapapa, Taro or Dioscorea)
  • 1 clay or white plate 
  • Corojo butter 
  • 1 candle 
  • Brandy and Tobacco
  • Smoked hutia 
  • Smoked fish 
  • Toasted corn 
  • Guinea pepper
  • 3 cents 

How is this Addimú to Elegguá made to open the roads?

Yam to Eleguá to open roads
Yam fruit
  1. First you remove the dough from the coconut and grate it.
  2. Then you peel the yam (fruit represented in the photo above) and also grate it.
  3. Combine the grated coconut and yam on the plate and add corojo butter to that mixture. 
  4. You shape 3 or 7 balls with that mixture, and put them in front of Elegguá. 
  5. You light the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing, blow on brandy and tobacco smoke.
  6. You also give him knowledge of who you are, the addimú that you are depositing him and what you need in what he helps you.
  7. On top of the balls add smoked Jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn.
  8. On top of each ball you introduce a guinea pepper.

3 days we leave this offering and the mountain:

Leave the candle lit for a while and for 3 days you will have the addimú.

Every day you light that candle for a while and remember, your conversation with the orisha should not be lacking, so that you can tell him about everything that happens and ask him to intercede for you.

After three days you will go to a mountain or forest with that addimú and 3 cents of right and you leave them there asking for their blessing.

May Elegguá's blessing and guidance always reach you!

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