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Addimú to Obatalá for health and protection

Addimú to Obatalá

Baba Obatala, the one who rules our head, who gives us only whiteness and peace, this Addimú (offering) is dedicated to our powerful father.

Orisha of the mountainsañayes, who loves his children above all and gives his wisdom and opens the doors to what is just and pure, who grants health.

Some of the ingredients that we will use in the work are part of our daily diet and also represent abundance, they are purifiers of the soul, they attract good luck and they are sacred.

How do I prepare the Addimú to Obatalá?

Remember to carry out this work with great faith, sincerity and consistency in your requests, Obatalá is merciful and will attend to your needs, give you health and love.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 large white plate
  • 8 slices of bread
  • Milk
  • Grated cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • 1 candle (if not crowned) and 2 candles for those who have made a saint.
  • 8 cents

Procedure to be carried out:

  1. He will take the plate and put the 8 slices of bread, then pour milk on top of those slices, so that they are completely wet.
  2. You will add cocoa butter to each slice (you must grate it) and cascarilla (make it dust), everything should be well covered with cascarilla.
  3. He will place the plate for 8 days in front of Obatalá, if it is crowned and if not, he will put it on high for the same period.
  4. He will light 1 or 2 candles (as appropriate) and will say:

Babá Obbatalá I ask for your blessing and intervention
Here is your child (say her / his name)
That you ask from the heart (your request)
That heal and protect (say name)
May their ailment disappear and protect under your protective mantle
Thank you Obbatalá

  1. That candle will light it for 8 days in a row at 12 noon and will say that prayer every day.
  2. On the eighth day, let the candle burn out, but not completely, leave a bit to take it along with your work.
  3. Then the offering will be left at the foot of a hill, mountaña or to a large leafy tree, take 8 cents, cross yourself and clean yourself with the money starting at the head and ending at the feet and leave it in place and say:

Baba Obatalá here I leave you my offering for my healing (says his own name or that of another person).
Always grateful Obbatalá 

This work will help you to ask for health and protection, for yourself and for all the people for whom you want to ask for healing. Without health we have nothing and Obatalá will remove all disease from around us so that we can achieve our destiny in this life.

Remember to do it from the heart and with faith.

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