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«Addimú a Oggún» to overcome problems and find work

Addimú to Oggún

This Addimú (offering) is for Oggún the owner of iron and the mountain in the Yoruba religion, a very simple but very powerful offering.

Everyone fears Oggún for his violent nature, but he has a great heart and strength, he is the ideal Orisha to solve employment issues, because he is the deity in Osha who works without rest, day and night he works without stopping.

Offering at the foot of Oggún to get employment and firmness

Oggun Warrior

You can offer this offering as gratitude, for development, firmness, abundance, to help you find the job you need, new opportunities in life and strength in each of your steps.

Everything that is done with faith, love and will to this great warrior Orisha, he grants it to you.

If you have not received it yet because you have not been able to, but you have faith in it, you can also do it because you listen to all who believe in it.

Oggún is a very strong staff where we can lean, he is not afraid of anything and with his machete he frees us from enemies and difficulties.

Ingredients we need in the work:

Addimú to Oggún for the work with sweet potato
In Cuba it is known as sweet potato, but it has other names: Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato, Moniato or Sweet Potato.

The main ingredient in this Addimú is sweet potato and it is Oggún's favorite, so we will offer it to you.

  • Laurel plant stick
  • Green triangular flags
  • 1 Sweet Potato
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 candle
  • Smoked jutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • Brandy and tobacco
  • 3 cents

How do we prepare this powerful Addimú for Oggún?

  1. First you take three small pieces of the stick of the laurel plant and they will be the base of the green Oggún flags, to overcome obstacles. You can make them out of green cloth or paper.
  2. Then you wash the sweet potato and let it dry or dry it with a clean cloth.
  3. You spread a generous amount of corojo butter with your hands and put it to roast
  4. When finished you let it cool, but not so much and we continue with the work.
  5. You also smear corojo butter on the flags, and then you stick them in the sweet potato.
  6. You light a candle in front of Oggún, you ask for your blessing, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  7. You put the sweet potato on top of Oggún in his pot.
  8. Top with the smoked jutia sweet potato, smoked fish and roasted corn.

Give knowledge to the Orisha and ask for the good

Now you give Oggún knowledge of what you have put him and the reason why you make this offering, always remember to thank and then ask.

You should never ask for evil, complaints are made so that he can take charge of what is happening, he is a righteous orisha and he will pay for the damage they do to you.

3 days and to the mountain:

The Addimú will be 3 days at the foot of Oggún, each day you will light the candle for a while and on the third day this offering goes to the mountain with three cents.

May Oggún's blessing always protect you. We salute the Saint saying: Oke Oggún! Oggún Kobú Aguanilé!

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