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Bath and Addimú at the foot of the Orisha Olokún for development

Addimú to Olokun

Olokun, Greater Orisha, mistress of the depths that brings stability, firmness and evolution to our lives.

He works hard and always knows in advance what we need, Addimú is also offered to him, just as we do with all the other Orishas.

Olokún does not tolerate disrespect, but she is very kind and offers great health to all those who pay tribute to her.

Addimú (offering) to Olokun

It may be that you are on the path of religion but you still have not received Olokún, you can still do this work in his name and I assure you he will offer you his protection and help.


  • 1 Watermelon 
  • Knife 
  • 2 white plates
  • 2 candles and 1 if you are not consecrated
  • molasses of caña
  • Olokún water
  • Schnapps

How to prepare the Offering to Olokun?

  1. First, you take the watermelon and wash it to eliminate all negative energies, and carefully cut the parts in half with a knife.
  2. You take both plates, in one you place one half and in the other the other half of the fruit.
  3. You light the candles and place the watermelon dishes in front of Olokún's jar.
  4. You will ask for his blessing first and then you make your request.
  5. On both halves of watermelon you will pour melado very gently, when pouring it visualize all what you want to solve, but always with faith, will and a lot of love.
  6. You will let them consume the candles, when the candlelight goes out then you will take both parts of the watermelon, you will remove all its mass without removing the honey and you will put it in a container.

Olokun Water Bath:

Now you will open Olokún, remember that before opening his tureen you must do it gently, since he does not like to be disturbed in a sudden way, look to the right, then to the left and do not look directly in his jar, Olokun is very mysterious .

If you have not received Olokún, you do it with tap water.

You will have to take water from its tureen and mix it with a little common water so that it reaches you to take a bath. Put everything in a container and stir with your hand until that watermelon mass is well diluted in the water.

As it is well dissolved, add a little brandy and you will take a bath, the water must be left on the body until it dries.

This bathroom better be in the mañana for you to have it in your body for a good while. You will pour the water from the neck down and let it dry on your body, do not forget to clean the shower of the remains that remain.

Ah! Remember that you must pour water on Olokún again, I hope that the blessings of this powerful Orisha will give you all the firmness and unfoldment you need. 

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