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Addimú to find good luck at the foot of Oshosi

Addimú to Oshosi

El Orisha Oshosi He is a major deity, who leads together with Elegguá the king of the roads, Oggún the owner of the irons and Osun the watchman of the heads, the brave warriors of Osha.

Oshosi is an excellent hunter, he is a soothsayer and fisherman, possessor of a lot of wisdom and the owner of the bow and arrow, who he is aiming for.

With his arrow he brings us good and drives us away evil, he is the protector of those who flee, and he gives meat to the hungry.

Addimú to Oshosi:

This adimu offered to Oshosi will bring you the Iré that you need so that abundance and unfoldment can come to you.

As Oshosi is a great fisherman, fish is one of his favorite foods and he works with them to provide Ashé to men.


  • Cartridge paper (Brown paper or kraft paper)
  • White plate
  • 7 small fresh fish
  • Corojo butter
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Toasted corn
  • Honey bee
  • Cascarilla
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps
  • 1 white candle
  • 3 cents

How to prepare the offering to Oshosi?

  1. First you will take a large piece of paper (it will depend on the size of your fish because then you will have to wrap them).
  2. On the plate you place the 7 fish and put corojo butter in your hands and go one by one smearing them.
  3. Then you will deposit them on the paper and you will throw them over each one:
  • smoked fish,
  • smoked jutia,
  • toasted corn,
  • honey and cascarilla.
  1. Then you must blow tobacco smoke and brandy to everything that you have deposited on that paper, with a lot of faith and love.
  2. Place the offering at the foot of Oshosi and leave it for 3 hours with its candle lit, if you have not received Oshosi you can do it in his name.
  3. You ask the orisha for his blessing, you thank him and give him knowledge of what you are doing and why.
  4. At 3 hours you close the offering with the paper and wipe it all over your body to cleanse yourself of all kinds of osogbo and curses.
  5. Now you go to the mountain with 3 cents of duty, remember before cleaning yourself with them starting at the head and ending at the feet and leave them there. 

Remember that everything you offer to the orishas must be from the heart, perform this addimu to Father Oshosi with great faith, and you will achieve what you want. Blessings and good health.

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