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Powerful Addimú to Oshún that attracts prosperity, fortune, money and I will go

Addimú to Oshún

The day of Oshún It is on September 8 in syncretism with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, and in the Yoruba religion and other holy houses in the Rule of Osha it is celebrated on September 12.

This Addimú or offering with food and other elements to Oshún, is very powerful, you can do it on her day of celebration or when you want to venerate her, just put a lot of faith in her and she will listen to you.


  • Small bowl
  • 1 egg
  • 5 perfumes of different fragrances
  • 1 beer
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Parsley
  • Holy water (water from the spiritual vault, from the church, serene water)
  • Scented soap
  • Yellow or amber plate
  • 5 candles
  • 5 coins 
  • 1 Cup
  • Corojo butter

If you don't have a vault, you can prepare serene water, we explain how to do it “click here”

How do we prepare this beautiful offering with Oshún?

In a small container you pour common water and inside you add:

  • The white of an egg,
  • a little bit of each perfume of the five fragrances,
  • half a bottle of beer,
  • ground cinnamon (one teaspoon),
  • honey (five tablespoons),
  • You take 25 leaves of parsley and with your hands you destroy them inside the container with water.

You stir everything well in the container and put it in front of Oshún, in case you don't have it, in front of an image of her.

You wash your hands with the scented soap and after rinsing them, pour a little holy water on your hands and let them dry on their own.

When your hands are dry, you put them back in the water that you left prepared in front of Oshún, you take them out and again let them dry on their own.

Second part of the offering:

So to prepare this Addimú a Oshún you take the yellow plate and in the center you place a glass, around the glass in the plate you place 5 coins.

You pour 5 tablespoons of honey on top of the coins arranged on the plate, and pour beer into the glass.

You take the cinnamon powder and scatter it over the plate and also over the beer glass.

You spread corojo butter to the 5 candles and on top of each coin you place a candle.

Short prayer for this ritual on behalf of Oshún:

You light the candles and ask Oshún for your blessing and ask him:

Oshún sweet and beautiful mother, queen of beauty, owner of gold, who in the sweet waters of rivers and streams soaks your beautiful skin; I offer this addimu to you with all respect and love, so that your mother of mine, grant me material wealth, stability and prosperity to my life.

Thank you Oshún for offering me your Most Holy Blessing every day.

After 5 days we finished the offering in the river:

These candles must be lit for 5 consecutive days and pray that prayer.

On the fifth day after starting the ritual:

  • You pour the beer down the drain just like the water in the container.
  • You take the plate to the river and let the water wash away that honey with cinnamon and the coins.
  • If you cannot go to the river, you should wash that plate with river water or common water as well as the coins and always bring them along with you in a yellow bag.

The day you can approach the river you offer from Addimú to Oshún the bag with the 5 coins. Until then, keep them in your purse or pocket to bring you luck and abundance.

May Iyalorde's blessing accompany you with health and love.

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