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9 Addimús to get the help of Oyá Yansa ≫The Queen of the Dead

Addimú to Oyá yansa

Oyá yansa She is the Orisha who owns the spark and the natural phenomena related to the wind. This saint is known in the Yoruba Pantheon for being the Patron Saint of spirits.

It is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with Santa Teresita del Niño de Jesús. A Oyá one goes in search of iré (development), well-being and victory of battles for being a warrior Orisha.

This deity is invoked through numerous addimus which can be used as offerings, but also as ritual elements to obtain the blessing of the saint.

Addimuses to the Orisha Yansa

Next, nine very simple addimus to perform with which you can obtain Yansa's favors.

1. Offering to Oyá to ask for health

A white plate with two Coconuts and two candles to pray for the recovery of a sick person:

When illness strikes a loved one, the grace of this saint is invoked through a white plate, two coconuts and two candles with this offering, prayers are made for nine consecutive days.

To begin the request, the devotee kneels in front of the receptacle of Oyá and through the sound of Framb's podoyán goes asking the deity to intercede for the speedy recovery of the patient.

2. Nine Eggplants at the foot of Yansa to overcome difficulties

The Eggplant is Yansa's favorite vegetable, the religious places a representation of nine aubergines before the saint in order to overcome difficulties by imploring the benefits of it through this addimú.

The offering is placed in a glass container that is placed at the foot of the tureen of OyáBefore beginning the prayer, the devotee must kneel down and light two candles. Once this is done, he continues to make the request. This job is very effective if you want to defeat enemies.

3. Búcaro with nine Caimito leaves to discover false friends

The Caimito is one of the ewes or sacred herbs of the Centella Orisha, before this a vase with nine leaves of this plant is placed in order to unmask false friends and to be able to shed their bad influences permanently.

4. Offering with chocolate for the owner of Osá

Chocolate is the favorite flavor of the owner of Osá, in order to entertain her, various dishes made with this flavor as a base are offered to her.

They can be placed chocolates and tablets of this addimú black pestle that the saint welcomes.

5. A Oyá All kinds of flowers are offered.

Like all the Orishas to Oyá Flower arrangements can also be offered to this deity, a wide variety of flowers can be paid to this deity, his favorites are the purple ones, among which we find orchids and violets to name a few of these.

6. Carita bean buns are used to entertain the Orisha of Centella

The blackeye bean is a sacred grain within the Yoruba Religion. With this, some buns or fritters are made that are used as addimú for the Orishas, ​​in the case of Oyá these are placed in a number of nine because this is their representative digit.

To make them, these beans must be softened beforehand, once soft, they are ground and añaGive this dough a little flour. Later they are fried in abundant hot oil.

Once they are at room temperature, they are placed in a dish at the feet of the saint, an action that accompaniesañaday of two white candles previously lit.

7. The Basket of fresh fruit addimú favorable at the foot of Oyá yansa

Yansa gladly receives fresh fruits, they are placed inside a basket in which a purple handkerchief was previously placed as a base.

Among the fruits that are paid to the deity we find grapes, star apple, melon and coconuts.

8. Fine fragrances before the receptacle of Oyá to attract love

The fragrances through their delicious aroma are responsible for attracting many blessings to the lives of human beings, they are capable of the same way to drive away the dark spirits that disturb man and are responsible many times through their influence to divert them from the correct road.

One of the most popular spells in matters of seduction is the one that is carried out by means of a perfume that is placed before Oyá.

This consecrated fragrance is endowed with the blessings of the saint, the devotee is recommended to use it only when he is going to leave home, being the propitious magnet to attract love and happiness to the destiny of whoever wears it.

9. For what purpose is the tureen fanned? Oyá?

The ritual of fanning the receptacle of the African Orisha is performed in order to obtain the benefits of it.

To carry it out, the religious must stand barefoot on a mat and cool the saint's tureen with a fan. As this action is carried out, he talks with her.

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