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Addimú to Shango to attract prosperity

Addimú to shangó

Shango, King of Kings and because he is King, his works are done with care because he is very capricious. The addimu is an offering that is made to the Orisha so that he feels our gratitude.

If you prepare it with faith and love, you will get from it the improvement you need so that prosperity and abundance come to you.

The red apple loves Shango, in addition, it is a fruit that has the gift of removing all negative energies that exist, it represents understanding, illustriousness, beauty, love and endless positive symbolisms.

The red roses also belong to our King Shango and represent the courage, love, passion, also qualities of the Orisha.

Items you need:

  • Large white plate
  • Red rose petals
  • 6 red apples
  • Corojo butter
  • Small red candle or a piece of a long red candle.
  • Brown sugar
  • 6 Legal tender of the country where you live
  • 6 cents

How is Addimú a Shango prepared?

  1. You take the white plate and you will throw the red rose petals covering the plate completely.
  2. You will spread corojo butter to all the apples.
  3. Take one of the apples and very carefully, with a knife, you will open a hole in the center of it.

In that hole the red candle will go, then you must open it according to the thickness of your candle.

  1. As soon as the fruit is carved and with the candle inside, this apple will be placed in the center of the plate on top of the petals.
  2. Around the center block, you will place the other remaining ones inside the plate (5 apples).
  3. You will add a large quantity of brown sugar on top without it leaking off the plate.
  4. At the end you take the 6 coins, which must be legal tender and you will put one next to each block or on top, as you wish.
  5. He will proceed to light "Shangó's lamp" that is, his apple with the candle.
  6. Remember, prayers are made with a lot of love and devotion. You will light the candle and say:

King Shango
Here is your daughter / o (your name)
Offering this Adimú (you say the ingredients)
May as the palms grow, may my prosperity grow
And that everything you wish for me
I reached it with your great blessing
Thank you for listening to me and giving me your support.

  1. This addimú you will leave it deposited for 6 days at the foot of Shango or dedicated to him.
  2. At the end of the 6 days you will take your addimú to Shango along with 6 cents of duty and you will deposit it in a palm.

The coins that you put on the plate can be left in the palm next to the offering, then you would not have to leave the right of the 6 cents. If you collect them, you will put them in a red bag and you will always walk with them without spending them so that the abundance of Shango will be with you.

To consider:

  • If you have a crowned saint, the addimú will be located in front of Shango, but do not forget that you must first ask how to make the offering to the Orisha, or do it as you are used to doing it.
  • If you are aleyo (not initiated in religion) you can also offer this Adimú and deposit it in front of the front door of your house, in a nice and cozy place. Remember that, even if you are Aleyo, you believe in Shango and that is enough for your requests to be heard.

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