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4 Addimú to thank Yemayá, the Orisha of the Ocean

Addimú to Yemayá

Many times we humans forget how important it is to be grateful to the Orishas and we overlook the recognition of the great work that they carry out in keeping us safe from any evil or other type of osogbo.

Addimú to the goddess of the sea:

Here are some addimus that you can prepare for Yemaya As a token of gratitude and devotion, they are very easy to do.

1. Ochinchin for Yemayá

This Orisha is prepared a succulent dish based on shrimp, capers and lettuce which is cut into very small pieces and then stewed in tomato sauce.

It is strictly prohibited añaadd salt to this elaboration. Once cold, it is served in a coconut lid.

This offering can be placed for seven days in front of the receptacle of the saint, said addimú will be accompaniedañatwo candles so that the deity receives it, after these days it is taken to the sea where it is deposited among the waves.

Some religious houses take the Ochinchin once ready to the reef and after having talked with the Orisha they introduce it into the salty water. 

2. Ekó for the mother of the world

Ekó is a tamale made from corn flour or natural corn that is cooked covered with banana leaves.

To make it, the corn mixture is prepared which is seasoned with various ingredients except salt, once ready it is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in hot water.

After a few minutes they are removed from the hot water and allowed to cool and then be served to the deity.

3. Olelé for the mistress of sea storms

Yemayá is the living incarnation of the sea in its serene and at the same time stormy state, for this the Olelé is made, a pasty mixture of carita beans that is obtained by crushing this bean which was previously softened.

Once said grain has been ground, it is añaginger, garlic and onion are served as a dressing and served to the deity after it has cooled.

4. Offering of Okra

Okra for Yemayá
Okra Vegetable

To please this saint, a tasty okra is prepared with pork masses.

Take the okra and slice it into small wheels, place it in a pot with hot water until it is soft, once it is at its correct point, añamalanga, yam and banana, letting the heat of the elaboration soften the food that was added.

Then the pork, garlic, onion and a little tomato puree are added, allowing the mixture to cook for about 30 minutes.

It is served once it has cooled down and it is offered to the saint in fine china.

This plate is placed on the mat and two blue or white candles are lit for the Orisha, this preparation is a succulent way of thanking Yemayá for always being there to face any adversity. 

This Orisha can also be offered flowers, fresh fruits and crafts related to the world of the sea, her favorites being small ships and anchors.

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