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Do you know which are Yewá's favorite addimus? The witch Orisha

Addimú to Yewá

Yewa it is the Orisha who embodies life. His reign is located in the cemetery where he guards the eternal rest of the corpses. This saint possesses the virtue of Constitution who gave him the gift of divination.

It is syncretized with Our Lady of the Helpless, Santa Clara de Asís and the Virgin of Monserrate in the Catholic Religion.

Represents loneliness and chastity. Yewá is conceived as the most powerful sorceress that has ever existed in the universe, which is why she stands as the queen of witches.  

Offerings for the beautiful Orisha Yewa:

Young animals, females and virgins such as the goat, the guinea fowl and the pigeons are sacrificed to him.

The floral offerings for this Orisha are made with roses and pink gladioli.

All the Addimús that are awarded to him must be placed on top of a mat and accompaniedañaUse two pink or white candles, an essential requirement for the deity to receive the offering.

1. Fish in tomato sauce to obtain the blessing of Yewá

Yewá likes fish, among his favorites are Tuna and Bonito.

To please her, one of these pieces is cooked without removing the head or the tail in tomato sauce, the fish must be prepared with great dedication and neatness because this is a scrupulous Orisha.

The food is marinated with lemon, garlic and onion and covered with tomato. Once it has reached the correct cooking point, let it rest until it becomes warm. Later it is served in a source to be tasted by the deity.

2. Peanut balls offerings well received by the queen of the witches

Peanut balls are the saint's favorite dessert, they are offered to her to solve housing situations and issues related to justice.

For its elaboration, the grain is first roasted, when it is crispy it is ground with the help of a machine, it is añaEleven small balls are made from this sugar paste and with the hands, which are served in fine dishes to be presented to Yewá.

3. Gofio crowbars with smoked fish to honor the saint of chastity

Gofio levers are a very popular dish among santeros, who have honored their Orishas for generations through this succulent delicacy.

To make them, you must mix gofio and water in a container, stir these ingredients well until a homogeneous mass is obtained, which is seasoned with smoked fish. 

The dough is divided into equal parts in order to make identical and well-molded spheres, which will later be called levers.

These are arranged on a flat white plate in order to be offered to the Saint as a token of respect and admiration.

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